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Ibs pains moving so desperate now

I have posted before about this latest flare which started lower right pelvis and is now worse. By wednesday it was severe from right to left low in abdo. Went to dr he sent me to a and e. The pains were and still are moving transverse colon, under left ribs, lower left and the worst that low pelvic pain. Did bloods all clear and then said ct abdo pelvis I have two previous this year last beg. Sept so I was very reluctant but they worried about appendix so I had it with contrast. Again nothing. Some diverticular disease but no inflammation, and the ct report said matted bowel loops right illiac fossa probably normal. When I asked the dr they said it was not a pathology and the wrong terminology. So home they sent me saying probably muscle spasm. This is no muscle spasm. Dont know what to do next. The pain is constantly moving someti es it will stay in one place for a few hours. I can feel it moving across my abdomen. Despite the ct I worry as something is causing it. Have had this at times in flares but never so bad or so persistantly. Am scared to eat as even a biscuit starts it off.

Please I have had a lot of support on here and know we are not drs but if someone else has these sort of ibs pains it would help me. Also how long do your flares last I am into week 4 but it onky ramped up a week ago. I know the stress is making me worse but the pain is causing the stress. I have also had this year internal pelvic ultrasounds to rule out gynae things but the 3 cts I have had would do that also. I had no fluid in there no enlarged nodes and liver etc were all fine so the dr just said good news your ct is fine. I know I should be down on y knees giving thanks but I am still in bed with a hot water bottle feeling awful. The contrast material they give you for the scan always makes me feel unwell.

Please I am so down and just dont know what to do. They tell me I have had the gold standard test when I said what next they said all they could do was remove my healthy appendix just in case.

Thank yo

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I am so sorry for your pain. Can you ask the doctors to stop the pain temporarily? Do u have an emergency center where they will examine you and give you some pain relief by an IV?

I hope the pain goes away soon. I cannot handle the pain when it gets too bad. I take something for the pain. If the pain lasts for more than 4 to 6 hours,I would go to the doctor or go to an emergency hospital. Do they have emergency places where you live?

And,yes....I have been in alot of pain for hours at a time. Its awful and you feel like you just want to go to sleep.

I am so sorry. Please go to the doctor and get something for the pain.


Ps: what country do u live in?


I live in u.k. a and e is our emergency centre. They only gave me paracetamols which I think is called tyneol or something like that in us. Once the ct was clear they just dusvharged me. It works very differently over here. Very short of beds and drs etc and so many people needing them.


I had the same exact thing... It was spasms brought on by stress.... It is important for u to get yourself into a stress management program. I needed to be put on medications for anxiety and it is slowly improving. You will improve as well..sometimes antispasmodic may help, but removing stress is even more important... Then the step after that will be to keep a food diary...


what are you taking for pain and what do you usually take for bowel spasms ?

I had a problem for 11 wks once and had to give up sugar for a while for CANDIDA in the bowels and an infection that had to be treeted with antibiotics

If I ever have antibiotics I get like you; so GP gives me something to counteract it.

Twice have been on FLUCONAZOLE for 6 mnth !

I would get like a bower constrictor like pain and shooting pains up bum.

hope you feel better soon and do keep me posted PS you can buy friendly bacteria at health food shop but i guess you already know this ?


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