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IBS and pelvic pressure and pain


Hello all

Your stories and experiences always help me. I've had constipation for 3 weeks now. I do go every day bit it tends to be hard lumps and sometimes a bit more normal. I just have this constant feeling in my pelvis that niggles, sometimes pain sometimes like a dragging feeling. Had a pelvic exam 2 weeks and all fine. Had swabs and ca125 and a transvaginal back in july all fine. Does anyone else get this pelvic feeling with ibs? Its just so frustrating that you never have a day without symptoms with ibs. Also had some mucus with a stool too. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated as sometimes i can feel it in my right groin too.

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You need to drink more water if the lumps are hard, it helps soften them. As soon as you awaken drink water and don't eat anything for at least 20 minutes. Also 20 minutes before every meal drink a glass of water. The alternative is ask your doctor about stool softeners, they are not laxatives they just make the stool soft.

Mucus is normal in stool, but more so when you have ibs. The pelvic pain might come from pushing when you are at the toilet, straining to much, does your doctor know about it?

What else do you do for your ibs?

TeddyBr in reply to Hidden

Hi Jimmy, forgot to thank you for your message, really appreciate your time and feedback. I am drinking more water now and making a conscious effort to take more care of myself. Busy life and not looking after myself properly, taking the odd senokot, or colpermin, etc., but not committing to a proper plan so my situation gets sorted. Thank you for normalising the mucus, It was a bit unnerving but yes I believe it is normal, so that confirms an IBS flare up. I am seeing GP today at 3.40 pm, so will let you know how I get on, but a lot of people seem to have pelvic pain and or groin pain when constipated and or in the menopause too, so I am guessing that is what it is. Thanks Jimmy.

Hidden in reply to TeddyBr

Your doctor will keep you right.

Yes, let me know how you get on.. I hope you will be OK.

You are welcome always.

Hi Teddybr

I have ibs and i know my trigger foods. I can be either way myself but have found when i havent been for a day or two i drink a tea called slimmatee from Hollands & Barretts and that massively helps me stay regular. xx

TeddyBr in reply to Misslovely

Hello Misslovely, thank you so mich for your prompt reply, really appreciate it. Get so tired of this ibs stuff, really affects your life. I will buy that tea! You're a star .. thank you.

Misslovely in reply to TeddyBr

Ive found that for me it works much better than laxatives and i dont get a unsettled stomach the same. I only drink half a cupmine day and the ither half the day after as a full one is a little too much for me to handle. Hope it helps you !


I’ve got very similar symptoms at the moment - now gradually fading. I find that Colpermin (up to two capsules three times a day) relieves the gut spasms which cause the lower abdomen and groin pain very quickly.

As Jimmyjimmy said you need to drink lots of water, but in addition I would take Fybogel after breakfast with the prescribed amount of water (150ml I believe). Fybogel acts as a stool softener and helps me out within a couple of days.

Both Colpermin and Fybogel are available without prescription.

Hope that helps!

TeddyBr in reply to one-n-den

Oh bless your heart, that is amazing to hear, thank you for this response, I've been so stressed and worried. I think i need to commit to a plan. I know colpermin, never taken 2 3 times a fay plus fybogel, so literally off to buy that now and start straight away. I've just seen Jimmys response too. Thank you both. It really really helps me listening to you, its so isolating at times and i dont want to keep going on about it to friends and family even though their lovely. I keep thinking im getting to be a hypochondriac. But ibs is so painful and debilitating at times. You're a star for responding. ❤😊 X feel less teary

I seem to get pelvic pain a lot too but always in the exact same spot? Lower right pelvic area. I have had tests, xrays, scans and all are fine? I don’t know if gas can get trapped in the same spot every time or maybe from sitting cross legged a majority of the time? I sit with my right leg over my left, it’s habit and constant but not sure if it’s a contributing factor? If I pass wind it is slightly relieved and drinking water helps a lot too. I just chalk it off to another day and knowing it’s nothing serious puts me in a better place.

Hey Torcol, thank you so much for your message, really appreciate your time and feedback on your experiences. That is an interesting point, I do sit cross legged a lot, right leg over left. I wonder if gas can get trapped in the same spot, that would make sense to me. Yes, me too, if I passed win, it is a relief, doesn't sort it, but relieves for a short time. I have started drinking a lot of water and just bought colpermin and fybogel, going to try this from a previous helpful message and see how I get on. I have a GP appointment today at 3.40 pm, because of the right groin pain but all my symptoms do indicate IBS C flare up, but, will check it out. I think I need to look after myself better, life is so busy, and being menopausal too, running around like a 21 year old, I am forgetting I need to take care of myself and my slugging gastrointestinal system and bowels. Yes, knowing it isn't serious does help enormously!!! Thank you again......

Hello! I realise this post was a long time ago but I just came across it and I am having exactly the same problem now. Both with the constipation and the pelvic pain. I can’t tell whether it’s IBS or menstrual though. Do you still get these symptoms? Was it the IBS?

Thank you!

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