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Fodmap - Useful?

Just been to see my GP regarding my IBS. I've had IBS for years and although I rarely get the cramps I do have a mixture of constipation and diarrheal movements. These have got quite bad recently and I have had to resort to Imodium to slow things down (but as soon as the Imodium wears off, then off we go again).

Been to my GP, out of desperation as usually all I get is a leaflet telling me about IBS (last time I said has this changed in the last three years and he said no. So I said its Ok save paper I have that version). This time he gives me a print out about the Fodmap diet.

I've considered this before but the results I've seen are inconclusive and before I embark on this I wondered if there was a way to see if its that effective?

The diet sheet shows lots of foods to avoid, most of which appears to be all the vegetables I was told were good for IBS (fibre). I drink cows milk and the bread I eat is home made with none of the preservatives in it,

I suppose I'm also asking is there one food type which is an IBS contributor? Just trying to resolve or reduce my symptoms without embarking on a journey which may end up inconclusive.

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Do you have a link for the list.


No the GP just gave me a print out - From what I've seen it mirrors lists available on the internet


Does not suit all systems as too many triggers in allowed food for some

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I have found Fodmaps absolutely wonderful and has changed my life. The system was developed and is continuing to be developed by Monash University in Australian . I would advise getting the app for your phone you then have a correct source of information regarding foods that may affect you . They divide all the food they have tested so far into a traffic light system starting with green foods which you eat for approximately 4 to 6 weeks after which you can add in Amber foods by type individually to see which have adverse effects.

However my suggestion would be to go gluten-free initially for a couple of weeks to see if that is your problem . Then you could try dairy as that is often a problem too.

Although with IBS you do need fibre it needs to be soluble fibre not insoluble. Fruit is generally OK but not ones with stones like plums or apples and pears.

Suspect veggies are those which cause gas like cauliflower and onions are a definite no no.

You may also find beans peas and pulses a problem.

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Yes I am on the re-introduction stage, it's needs to be done under a fodmap dietrician which is in the nice guidelines? It's complicated more than handout could tell you


We would advise that before starting the FODMAP diet, that you ask your GP to refer you to a dietitian and that the diet is carried out under their supervision and guidance.

Guidance on the internet can be quite confusing and can vary in quality. The low FODMAP diet is very restricting and is not recommended as a long-term solution. Without professional advice you could be following a diet unnecessarily when small dietary and lifestyle changes may address your particular issues.

We wouldn't advise going gluten free without seeing a dietitian as this may not be the issue that is triggering your symptoms. The reason for this is generally when people are going through tests, having taken gluten out of your diet before can create a false negative.

However if you do decide to try the FODMAP diet there is another APP from which you can choose that has recently been developed in UK, the developers worked with Kings College London, the experts in the FODMAP diet. The app is called FoodMaestro.

Take a look at our website for a bit more information , theibsnetwork.org/diet/fodm...

Keep us informed with what you decide

Good Luck !

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thanks - I doubt my gp will refer me to a dietician, based on previous experience but I will try


Well a week after leaving a note with my GP asking, as suggested, to be referred to a dietician, I spoke to him today. My surgery doesn't have access to a IBS trained dietician just an ordinary one. So I am being referred.

I did look online to see if I could go private but all the ones I found wanted £100 an hour which I cannot afford.


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