Does Anyone get Nauseated After waking up??

For the last several days I have woken up feeling ok...but then suddenly my stomach will start getting nauseous and I'll start lurching but don't bring anything up but phlegm; nothing seems acidic or burns in my throat... and Then I start feeling sick with a headache and sometimes dizzy... I'm an older lady and certainly not pregnant! :) It sometimes last for several hours and sometimes longer.... I'll call the Dr next week if nothing changes, but wondering if any of you go through or have gone through this...and have any suggestions. Thanks!


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  • I am 57 and get this could be your blood preasure-shoud see your GP

    blessings s x

  • Is the nauseous due to high blood pressure? Dizziness due to low? And where do heart palpitations fit into it all? Trying to understand it a bit better.

  • low BP is the cause of dizziness and fainting our Bp drops during the night-the heart struggles with both high and low bp making us feel ill and causing palpatations.

    There is a link now between low bp and altzimers beacause when we get up from sitting are lying down. everything goes black-not enough air getting to brain. So I guess thats it for me.

    S x

  • It sound like you may have a hiatus hernia, if so you will be put on meds to cope with the excess acid your body is producing. I have been this med for yours and if def makes a difference. Get to the doc, and take a "sample" with you, ie wee wee in a bottle! ha ha. He will get you referred if needed or just give you the meds. Good luck.

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