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Just joined thank you

Bit if history,had breast cancer treatment in 2009/10 alwaysbeen left with sensitive tum catch anything etc

Had cbt to help with anxiety. Had gastroenteritis 4 mth ago(hospital) and stomach problems worse since. Have been glutton and dairy free since to see what triggers

Still having 5 episodes a month of diahoria and one sick

Seems like a lot? Have lost 11/2 stone on this diet

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hi I have just joined today. :) I'm also on a gluten/wheat free diet and have recently been recommend to follow low food map diet. Worth you checking out! I lost weight at the beginning when I started my gluten free eating but been doing it for many many years now and have began to put more weight on last year or so and I am now a healthy weight for my height. It does take time but worth it if it makes you feel better. Its trial and error unfortunately. Im still working threw it. :)

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Thank you

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