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hi I am in my seventies and have had ibs since i was28! discomfort with chronic wind which can be either right side or left.relief on passing it(if i am lucky)tight feeling and feel gas and hear it moving but won't always pass. i have had a very stressful life and think this has played a major part plus tend to overdo the fibre. keep food diary but can be mostly ok for months and then it starts again. have had digital exam and prescribed audomol also tried colpermin; find deep circular massage helps starting at lower rirhthand bowel right round to bottom of lefthand bowel.symptoms mostly sitting or lying down but ok up and about.puts you off going away nights too.oh the joy and relief of passing wind!!and its good to talk as they say and hope you allfind some comfort. and keep smiling won't you?

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  • Started around same age! Am now same age as your good self! We cope!

  • well still here and coping while trying various solutions.i do think that time proves if things are serious or not. have you found anything that helps over the years? i can be fine for months but this latest seemed more persistent.

  • Similar problems - not nice is it

  • hiand thanks felt quite isolated sometimes and concerned symptons were sinister. just read book IBS FOR DUMMIES. bought it online and covers found it helpful don,t know if you,ve read it?been taking A read 10 signs of bowel cancer which I feel a lot of us wonder about and that ruled out a few things. dietwise i find seeds can irritate so juggle my types of bread around. anyone found the ginger and peppermint teas helpful.also drink probiotic Actimel. I wonder if anyone taking prescription drug feel they could be aggravating .I have been taking Audomol tabs few days now and they seemed to have helped spasms.have you tried these? they are prescription only but worth trying.they seem to help more than colpermin. do think stressful events can be a trigger though. good luck anyway!

  • Garlic capsules have helped with my wind not sure if that's something you've tried or if you would find it helpful.

  • Hi liverpool lass are you sure you dont have coeliac disease becouse they said I had ibs for ten yrs & it was never ibs have you been tested for it I dont want you losing loads of weight like I did with them not even testing me for it it wasent till I had to get a blood transfusion becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients stay healthy yours patricia

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