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Is this IBS?

So I had a terrible bug. Still recovering. Anyway the problem is my stomach is full of gas all the time. When I press down I hear gas. No pain. Just gas. I also belch a lot. I saw the doctor because there was a day I was nauseous and threw up a little blood just a few drops. Since that day no blood. Does anyone else have their stomach full of gas constantly?

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So your Dr didn't offer any other advice?? Well, that happens. One thing I would suggest is that you start taking a GOOD probiotic... You don't have to get the most expensive, but please not the cheapest ones from places where you don't even recognize a brand name. If you had a 'bug' chances are it wiped out all your good bacteria and this could easily account for the gas.

This does not necessarily have to be IBS... I wish you all kinds of good luck.. Hang in there! And please, start on a GOOD probiotic... hint: I take mine in the middle of the night to make sure I am taking it on an empty stomach, which (to me, IMO) is the best way to make sure they are doing the most good.

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