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Depression and arms pain

I am undergoing tests to ascertain why I have pins and needles in my arms for over 2 years so far have had a neck xray to see if there may be a trapped nerve,results all ok,then I have had loads of blood tests to check for hidden infection,expect results when I see my GP 22 Aug , then see if I may be sent for an MRI and then Neuro specialist,however I recently saw an article that unexplained pain,can actually be associated with depression and meds to support seretonin may be required? Has anyone heard of this?

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I had pains and needles in my arm. I had an xray on my neck but it is nerve problems i have. The tablets are not working though.

I hope they find out what is wrong with you. Good luck.


Thanks for response.What tablets ate you on for the nerve problem?

I take tramadol with ibuprofen and paracetamol 3 times a day and sometimes a 4th time at around 2am if the pains start in the early hours usually on the arm I am not lying on...?


Thank you. I do take tramadol 200mg twice a day and lyrica 150mg but ive tried so many for it now. Got to see a specialist now to have injections in the neck but dont wanting them. Cant take ibuprofen as i have asthma.

Do the tablets work for u ??


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