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Some of you may remember I was really ill last week with what I think was a sickness/diarrhoea bug or an extreme ibs reaction or a combination of both. I'm panicking because yesterday I ate some ice cream from the tub which I may have eaten before I got sick - perhaps when the bug was developing in my system.

Can bugs survive in frozen food? And am I likely to be reinfected by the same bug once I've already had it? I know this sounds crazy but I was so ill and I'm super paranoid about getting sick again.

I won't be eating straight from the tub again!

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Freezing food stops bacteria from multiplying but when is defrost they can start again. If you had norovirus(most common sickness bug)you are immune from the strain you had for a short time(about 14 weeks). If the icecream was still frozen when you put it in the freezer you should will be done. With most gastro bugs you don't pass it on until you show symtoms of diarreah or vommiting so if you are the I've cream before you actually had symptoms you will be fine also.


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