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Nasty bugs....😕

Hello guys,after being with diagnosed with ibs ,i reconise a flare up but have noticed I have become very susceptible to bugs or infections that have put me in bed for a couple of days,nasty too.is it because of a weakened gut or bowel? Am I just unlucky? Or could it be ibs? Didn't think many people vomit bad with ibs? Just wondering guys and thankyou all advice and help I recive, best wishes terry 👍😞😊

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How were you diagnosed with IBS? I haven't done a colonoscopy yet.


Like LKVVZ have you had a Colonoscopy? Also, I have read posts on here where unfortunately people do vomit with IBS. I really feel for you as being sick is one of the worst illnesses ever.

I do get nausea with IBS.


Thanks both for taking your time out to help.yes I've had all the tests and have ibs c and more tests to come via my liver and kidney which is the wrong place to start with!😖 back on the Yakult !


Yakult has fodmaps in it , does that not affect you ?


Not really Lynne I'm kinda trying to put good bacteria in me to wipeout the bad bacteria for next time a bug strikes😖 but no I'm ok with Yakult dairy etc erc

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