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I'm scared to death that I have colon cancer that was missed in my colonoscopy. I'm having lower left abdominable pain and last night there was a lot of blood on the toilet paper. I've had symptoms like this off and on for over a year now with no diagnosis. I'm trying to get in the GI doctor this month but in the mean time I feel like I need to go to the hospital maybe they will do a catscan? Idk but Im worried sick and get random pains in my lymphnodes I feel like the cancer is spread ;( I'm only 20

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  • Bowel cancer is one of my major worries and the symptoms do often sound a lot like those associated with ibs. But at 20 you are very unlikely to get it, it's much more common in older people. A colonoscopy is unlikely to have missed it and really is the only way to check for cancer/polyps in the bowel. If you've had the all clear from this you need to stop worrying. Stress and worry makes it so much worse.

  • I have tried but its hard when I keep getting these symptoms

  • If you've had a colonoscopy then they have looked inside your bowel and any abnormalities would have shown up. Bleeding can be down to several different things. Tears, internal piles, all sorts.

  • Agreed also fissuresTry yoga breathing,gentle walking ,agood book and a laugh with friends and family

  • Im a naturopath and if you want to pm me I'm very happy to give some tips tht might help you - having suffered with a lifetime of constipation until a therapist changed my life, I know what you are going through

  • Try not to worry, it is unlikely that it was missed in the colonoscopy, but your symptoms sound severe and worrisome! So you should certainly go to a doctor or a hospital ASAP, to help you feel better and get piece of mind! sometimes you just have to push these things! you deserve to get help and know what is wrong! I hope you feel better soon and try not to worry if you can!

  • Chey921 go back to your doctor tell him about the abdominal pain and blood,you might be constipated and the blood from piles ,see your doc

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