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I got my test results!

So as some of you know I've been having an awful IBS flare up for well over a month now..unable to eat anything by plain soluble fibre foods! So i went to a specialist and did some tests - blood test and stool samples and i got the results! There is nothing wring at all, blood is fine and stool was fine, no inflammation...So it is what i thought all along, a bad IBS episode! this is certainly good and thank god its nit anything worse..seems a slight shame that i have spent over £200 to find out what i already new, but i needed to be sure! now more than ever i must be good and remain strict with what i eat..as being careless at the weekend has really set me back and i must remember that one day of being able to eat some more interesting food does not make up of years of being able to eat interesting food! and that's what I want!

So i am keeping it plain, will keep up he exercise, keep taking my probiotics and antispasmodics and cross my fingers! I will also start clubbing without drinking any alcohol! IBS will not hold me back! :)

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Lovely update! Go you x

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Good news - well done.


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