I have had ibs for 30 years on and off but everytime it comes back its different at the moment I have an urgency to "run" to the toilet when I wake in the morning and am loose ,I normally only go once , but if I take co codamol (contains codine which slows down your system) or lopirimide ,the following day I don't go at all but then I could go 3 or 4 time in quick succession the day after ,any one else have similar.

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  • Have you tried fybogel? A form of soluble fibre? I had the urgency issue and having a fybogel after breakfast helped me immensely!

  • i thought Fybogel is for constipation ..and to make BM regular ..does it really help with the urgency issue ?!!

  • That is exactly what my mum told me the first time the doctor recommended it - she said oh noo no no its for constipation, don't use that!, so i ignored the doctor! then months went by with no change and the doctor recommended it again - i tried it and i've never looked back! 1 sachet a day - ideally after eating breakfast helps with urgency where as more sachets a day i think can make you bloated (my experience of taking 2) or help with constipation! Its because is soluble fibre, it makes everything run smoother and slower and stops the urgency! Trust me on this, it is reallly worth a try! It may have no effect or it could be your saviour like it was mine! now i never go without it!

  • Thank you for your reply­čî╣

  • Hi, sounds familiar! Yet, I'm still in the ├╝ndiagnoised"category! Full sigmoid colon removal last year, due to the development of vaginial fistulia. the thought it would elimate my symptoms, but, it did not. Pain is still there, and all the other symptoms. On presnoine now, metroxiate, mesallazine and anything else they can throw at me. Also take a codine compond, and lopmide, still does not slow the bowel down. Specialist said "the bananna "is what we are looking for. Haven't found it yet over the last 45 years! Gastro stated once "typhlisis"which is inflamation in the cecumnd area. Could be true. Constant pain, limited to what I can do, and yes always make sure there is a toliet nerby. Good Luck, stay in there, as they say, you are not alone! But, I feel better after being able to communicate about what I'm goin thru. Otherwise I felt very alone.

  • Poor you!

  • Could be something you are eating causing the problem, have you tried keeping a food diary. To see what might be triggering your problem.

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