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I have seen several posts recently about leaving out breads from the diet. Do people mean all bread or just that which isn't gluten free? I have quite a lot of GF bread, bagels, crumpets, cakes etc. Just wondering if this might be exacerbating my problems.

What do people replace the bread with? I bought some GF crackers while I was in Sweden recently which are quite tasty, but should I avoid crackers and oat cakes too?

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I have cut out all bread, I replace with oatcakes, ryevitas, they do lots of lovely flavours. Sometimes I make my own flatbreads with rye flour, after a while you get used to not having bread, it has definitely helped me. In fact I am lay here with a very bloated stomach as I am on holiday in Italy and had some pizza !! It reinforces that I just can't eat the stuff !!!


All bread yes. Even GF. It's a pain but you get used to it. For lunches I just have salads and whatever I would have put in a sandwich without the bread. Sometimes I make a linseed wrap if I have time and can be bothered. Much less bloating and wind. If you feel better, you put up with the weird restrictions


I have recently been researching xanthan gum, which is used in many gluten-free breads and baked goods. Many people think this and other thickening agents (gums) are really toxic to your gut bacteria. So, after 4+ years on a gluten-free diet, and a year and a half on a strict FODMAP diet, I decided to eliminate almost all products containing xanthan gum. Surprising how many foods it's in - salad dressings, soups, sauces, etc., in addition to GF breads, cookies, and other baked goods. I am cautiously optimistic for the first time in years. It seems to be helping, but I've had my hopes dashed before when my indigestion cleared up by going gluten-free, only to become IBS-D, then IBS-C, and FODMAP diet reduced discomfort but made constipation even worse.

Maybe it's just that I'm eating less processed food and more fresh foods.

One more thing - If you read about what xanthan gum is, you might not want to eat it anymore, regardless.

Good Luck!


Thank you everyone, for your replies. I will try to go without bread products for a while and see what happens.


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