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Commercial gluten free bread


Does anybody have bad reactions to shop bought bread/rolls?

Because it's quick to make a sandwich, an more filling than rice cakes, I normally have them at snack time. However I'm very suspicious that it gives me wind and bloat. Before I give up yet another thing does anyone else have problems.

Yes, I know I should really make my own, but with all the other cooking from scratch it would be nice to have a fallback.


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When I did the fodmap diet I had to be careful of what GF bread I used as some contain fruit juices I have found out though doing the FODMAP diet apples is one of my trigger foods and apple juice is sometimes in some brands of gf bread


Genius bread doesn't have fruit juice in it and up to a few weeks ago was quite tasty and didn't fall apart like some other gf bread. Unfortunately they have recently changed their recipe to their best ever whic I find is their worst ever as it is now much drier and falls into bits. Worth a try though or some people are OK on spelt sourdough bread if you can find it.


Yes I have tried most brands of gluten free bread and I have had cramps and trapped wind after so have given up on it,although I did find the udi(I think that's the name)seems to be better than the other brands,so it's worth a try.i saw a nhs nutritionist for diet advice and it was helpful.

Hope this helps


Hi. Yes. I am starting to think I have a problem with them. I have recently changed from the brand I was buying as they changed the formula and it's not very nice and think the other brands I have had are causing issues. I am thinking of getting a bread maker as the cost of GF stuff is so much. It's hard enough being GF to now have issues with the bread too. Hope today is a good day for you.

Yep. The store bought gluten free bread I've tried had made me very ill.


i think it is a cause of bloating. iv stopped eating bread for a week and its the best well week iv had in years. im eating .coop free from crisp breads crackers.

iv also drastically reduced my intake of dairy e.g. no cows milk cheese or butter.

Could be a breakthrough after 20 yrs IBS!

I tried this years ago but was ill but maybe other factors were causing ibs-stress, onions, caffeine Who knows!

I had the tests which then didn't show lactose or gluten a problem.

Maybe worth trying this even if your tests came back negative?



Hi, I can't use the shop bought gluten free bread either, as it bloats me up too. I decided to just have rice crackers & have stayed away from any bread products. Personally for me it makes going to the toilet very difficult in not impossible. Sadly I don't get toast or sandwiches anymore, but that's a small price to pay. Perhaps you can try a gluten free spelt bread. The texture is very different, but if you definitely need sandwiches, then give it a try. I don't know how easy it would be too source in supermarkets as I haven't been able to find any. Happy hunting

nobiker in reply to Hidden

Hi, my local tesco se Udi bread and rolls, they really do taste almost normal and don't have that chalky dry texture.

Can I thank you all so much for confirming what I suspected! I do think Udi is by far the best brand and seems "cleaner". After this lot the bread maker's comng back out! Does Anyone know if Mrs Crimbles GF crackers are OK for us?


Mc89 in reply to nobiker

Hi nobiker,

I usually have those crackers with a small amount of cheese & get on OK with them. A little boring but I really don't like gf bread.

nobiker in reply to Mc89

Thanks for that! I haven't been able to find if they're ok, but I'll give them a try now. I don't care for GF bread either and I don't think it cares that much for me...Nobiker

Some breads contain milk sugars or eggs even though it maybe gluten free it can cause problems with your stomach. Also there may be cross contamination. Make sure you research the bread or make a huge batch yourself, slice and freeze it for easy use. It's always nice to have something quick to grab but better to be safe.

Thank you, yes I'm sure you're right. I'll be starting the bread baking this week.


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