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Weird Pains

I'll feel okay for a little like a week , 2 weeks then weird pains come back. I'm constantly having pains in my anus, like sharp pains, I'm also always constipated, pains in my back, lower back, chest (on both sides left and right) pressure feeling in my vagina. I have been to numerous doctors and I'm scared they are missing something. I have had a trans-vaginal ultrasound and a colonoscopy the only thing found was a small cyst on one of my ovaries. Could this cyst be causing all this pain and pressure? I'm tired of being in pain all over my body and not having any definite answers as to why I'm having these pains. Everytime I get a pain I think I have a tumor which is causing all this pain and making me feel worse.

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I have lots of cysts and they can cause pain but are normally fine after taking regular pain killers pr the pill. the other pain you have may be internal or external hemmeroids as you as suffering from constipation they go together. You can buy OTC creams for it and apply it several times a day along with painkillers and ice compression. Try those :-)



Try taking magnesium citrate tablets for constipation,the best way for constipation it to take them before bed,I take 400mg ,you can take more or less till you find what suits you.


Hi, there should be some sort of help for you out there. Go back to your GP & get another referral. Have you had an Ultrasound Scan or a CT scan? Yes could be Haemorroids, but you need a sigmoidoscopy to determine this as opposed to a colonoscopy, different type of instrument. You need these procedures to determine what is 'going on'.

I take Movicol Sachets to prevent constipation, as another meds side effects is constipation. Can't win really, constipation makes my IBS worse so it's between the 'devil & the deep blue sea' really.

I hope this helps & surgery is not required for a small cyst.


You say you get constipated so, a lot of these weird pains you're getting could be as simple as gas build-up - wind can be extremely painful (which is why babies make so much fuss about it) and it gets in all sorts of nooks and crannies in your body where you'd least expect it.

Try out different laxatives until you hit on one that suits you, avoid foods that notably cause wind and take something like Wind-Eze tablets which may help.

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Since my Lactose Intolerance has been diagnosed as well I feel a lot better having lactose free diet, still not seen a dietician..just rang hospital & 'pushed through' for next Monday.....taken weeks to get this, I ring for all Apts as they never it seems to be quicker.

I've tried all Laxatives & the Movicol is the one for me. Bloating is easier now on milk free diet, mainly it's worse when excluding/including foods. Spicy foods are a killer though.

Finally taken the Plunge...not literally to go on a Cruise in December. Not looking forward to the Coach drive to Southampton.....have to take a cork with me. No laxatives the night before that's for sure. Once on the Ship more loos for the Holiday



Sharp pains in bottom could be ' proctalgiafujax, thinks it's how u spell it, whis is basically nerve spasms in the rectum. Really painful, prob caused by straining to go to the loo. Got some pessaries from my GP to insert when I first felt pains n rest , not sitting on bottom but face down on bed.


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