Feeling pretty poorly this morning

In fact I haven't had a very good week.Ive been the toilet 3 times up to now,my stomach is all over the place also very painful.Is anyone else the same as me,the more I go the loo the more pain I'm in.Im on the low Fodmap diet but I actually feel worse than when I began the diet.Ive heard a lot of good results on this site of people on this diet .I must be doing something wrong.

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  • You are not doing anything wrong. As we all know, not everyone's ibs is triggered by foods as everyone is different. Not all foods on that list will suit you. What might suit you might cause havoc for someone else. It's just a case of finding what's right for you. It's just a guideline, not something to stick to. It's a case of experimenting for some people who's ibs is triggered my food. I hope that helps. Best of luck

  • Thanks for the reply as I've had a really bad week.Yesterday i felt very low,weak and tearful my husband and I have come to the conclusion that my body must be lacking something.So today I'm going back on wheat,as I was always lead to believe if you were wheat intolerant you would have survere diarrhoea Witch I don't .idont know if I'm doing right but I've got to try something.

  • Lactose and diary are common triggers and it's worth eliminating these from your diet for at least 3 weeks to see if there is any improvement.

    Lactose is also in a lot of medication, including loperamide and ibuprofen

  • Feel free to read my post to see if you can relate of if your symptoms are similar.

    Have you been tested for a wheat intolerance or anything else food related? I can completely understand why you get upset over it and tearful. I can be the same sometimes as mine is bad enough that my life is vertically on hold and I'm only 18. I feel so weak after a flare up and it sounds like you are the same. I think especially with diarrhoea, it really takes it out of you and leaves you feeling exhausted.

    Are you currently taking medication for it? Is it worth seeing your doctor to ask for a change in medication?

  • I haven't had a wheat intolerance test,but I have been on the Fodmap diet for 4wks now and it's the worst I've felt.So I can only put it down to a lack of something .So I thought I would see if I introduce wheat back in my diet to see how I feel.I have suffered IBS severely for12yrs and I think this weeks the worst I've felt.I take several meds for it,Tramadol being one but I don't think they do much good.Ive tried phoning doctors this morning as I feel so ill,but they can't see me till next Friday.I just despair.

  • Introducing wheat again sounds like a good idea as you will be able to compare how it makes you feel. I completely agree about how hard it is to get into the doctors. I've been seeing one doctor since it all began so it's horrible when you have to see a different one who doesn't know your history as well, even then you could be waiting about two weeks. There's been times when it's made me feel that unwell it's hard to get up and about and it sounds as though you could be the same. I really do sympathise. I hope you start to feel better as soon as possible.

  • My doctor I saw for 16yrs has retired and no one knows me like him.You have to start telling someone else your story all over again.I have just been reading a Failsafe site witch is all about chemicals in our food ,and although it's quite complicating it may be worth a try.

  • its almost like you are being passed from pillar to post, I must have done that about four times if I am not able to see my regular doctor and each one is bound to say something different. before you get fixed on the food, are you 100% sure that your trigger is food? not everyone's is. it is a really difficult one because you never know what to eat and what to not eat as you get told so many different things.

  • This is very true and it is very easy to get fixed on food. I know my triggers are not food, but stress and anxiety. I have seen several gastroenterologists and had many tests and know there is nothing serious wrong. The most recent consultant was also a professor who reassured me that he "would get me right" but two months ago he told me it was "functional" and he could do nothing more for me, despite the fact that I was having problems. That was quite difficult to deal with and like Gemini I realised I had to solve my own problems! I have had very useful advice from Dr. Read on more with one occasion and I am now seeing a psychotherapist and, even after only one visit, find that very helpful. So I am getting there but it is not easy! There are too many of us in the same boat!

  • No I'm not sure my triggers are food although I would say some foods make me worse,like bake beans and fried food.Thats why I'm looking into the Failsafe diet.And as for doctors I've seen about 6 Gastrolergist and at the moment I'm under a Proffessor in Nottingham who supposed to be the best in the country.I am really just at a loose end trying to solve my own problem

  • I can completely relate to that. it sometimes feels as though nobody understand & you are completely alone, when I think really everyone knows they aren't. I think one of the problems is its not a subject that's well researched into, which is should be as theres people who suffer really badly from it and it affects their day to day lives. it should no longer be known as a taboo subject. thank goodness for specialists I say.

  • Sorry to hear things are grim for you this morning Gemini71. It's hard to cope when things feel so awfully out of control I'm sure. All the replies to your post are excellent. Like you i have tried everything from meds, to food changes etc and some things start to work and then stop.

    Its a long shot perhaps would also add that I found help from a Dr Claire Weekes. Been dead for years the dear lady but her recordings and books from the 1970's are still available, got mine on Amazon. My daughter has her audio in her car for when her work situation feels terrible. Helps her to manage herself when she can't change what is going on. Some people's work is timeless and classis.

    Dr Weekes helped many people who were dealing with life crisis, anxiety, nerves whatever. When faced with a difficult situation or emotion she advised to (my paraphrase) face it, not withdraw or fight it; accept it not try and push it away; allow the feelings of whatever it is to pass over you (e.g. thoughts like i will never get over my IBS, this is terrible, i will always have this, I can't cope) and then to let time pass. Say, one hour from now... One day from now.. It will at least be different.

    I do hope your day improves and that you can look up and out away from your stomach nasties. Very best of wishes coming your way. Xx

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