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So this morning, i have had a bad attack. It started last night and this morning its got loads worse. I have made it to work, even though i feel dreadful.

Does anyone's symptoms get worse just before you are due to come on?

I did eat an egg butty yesterday, which i doubt hasn't helped but it would never normally be this bad!I always seem to get worse the weekend or few days before.

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My symptoms were definitely worse before my period. I actually saw a Gyn and after having an ablation things got so much better. Had the occasional flare up since then that were related to anxiety so addressed the anxiety and things are now well controlled. Worth checking things out from a Gyn perspective as there are several Gyn conditions that have similar symptoms to IBS.


Hi indeed it's worse before during and a few days after along with the period pain makes a dreadful time x


thanks for replying :). Its horrible, im always ill the week before, feeling sick, hot, cramps on and off, dizzy topped off with an IBS flare up which lasts days. I am hopefully coming to the end of it today, it makes me feel so anxious.. its not like i can have a week off work every month. Air con and mints will get me through lol xx


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