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Stomach Ache Is Like An "Alien Invasion"

I have a recurrent abdominal/uterus ailment that is happening over and over again with great frequency. In the morning when I get up my stomach is flat, but throughout the day it blows up like a balloon and I feel like snakes are twisting and turning inside me. The only way I can describe it is like "an alien invasion". It can become quite painful and I often feel like something might rupture on the inside of my abdominal cavity. When it feels very "full" I can see movement within my stomach like when you are pregnant and the baby moves. It has happened so many times over the past year that my stomach has become wrinkled when "deflated" from expanding and contracting. I know it is not a regular stomach ache, as I used to have a spastic colon and know what to do to treat that. It has quite frankly freaked me out! And, oddly enough, it only seems to happen when I go to the library in Pleasant Hill or Lafayette, CA or when I am shopping in Walnut Creek, CA. It's only been happening for the past year, so I don't know what could have happened to have started it. Has anyone else every experienced anything like this before?

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watching what you eat, certain foods can cause bloating, it is just a case of trying to find which foods are not good for you, wheat causes bloating for me, as I have colitis.


i'm experiencing this bloating and stomach movements right now ..so scary that I had numerous urine and blood pregnancy tests which all came back negative..my belly gets so extended and bloated that I can hardly breath then get heart palpitations too 😥 and look 6 months pregnant 😳 ..still trying to figure out why is this happening...So yes I can totally relate to that feeling ..if you find a way out of it please update us 🌸


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