Calling out to those on the low fodmap - I need inspiration and motivation!

I've been on the low fodmap before, a few years back and it did help but because it was restrictive I fell off the wagon! My symptoms have not been good the last 6 months or so and I really should try the diet again. However, I have a partner and 2 children who are not on the diet so the temptation to eat high fodmap is always around and I have zero willpower! I'd love some (quick,simple and easy) breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and tips. Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Hi there are lots of recipes online if you google. I've also bought the FODMAP kitchen book to try some recipes. I also find I'm cooking 3 separate meals sometimes for hubby and 4 year old. Depending on your triggers you may find some meals that you can all eat? I keep gf pasta and bread in house as basics and try to have chicken, potatoes, rice that can be used in a variety of ways. It's boring isn't it but I had a recent flare up since diet had slipped and it wasn't pleasant! So back on the straight n narrow! Good luck x

  • Thanks Nick, I'll have a look at the cookbook. I have the Monash app too which is helpful. I'll need to experiment with the GF pasta, the one I have is a bit rubbery!!

  • Yeah the pasta isn't the best I tend to shop in Tesco with their free from range but Genius do good breads. I like the Schar pizza base I've only found them in Asda. X

  • Glad that you found the Fodmap diet helpful. I have IBS c , the diet made things worse, not enough fibre I think.

  • What were you eating on the low fodmap diet then? that you didn't have enough fibre. There is porridge, oatcakes, nuts and seeds, fruit, veg and spelt bread.

  • You would think that there would be enough fibre in those food but there isn't (for me). Seeds and nuts make things so much worse for me.

    I drink loads , exercise. Eat a very healthy diet but still have depend on daily laxatives to help me. My 'go to' food is Prunes in large amounts and prune juice.

    I know this doesn't help you or answer your original question. Sorry.

  • I use spelt pasta and it tastes just as good as ordinary pasta. I bought a bread machine and make my own spelt bread, rolls and pizza bases. Spelt is easy to digest, unlike wheat, and is listed as a suitable food in the low fodmap booklet I was given by a registered dietitian. I haven't found any gf stuff that tastes nice. I have stopped having friends and family round for meals when I started on the low fodmap diet. I do sometimes find it very difficult when my husband can eat stuff that I can't eat and have to cook separate meals and I have fallen of the wagon and I pay for it with really bad flare-up. I have found that eating plain boiled rice really does help me as it is easy to digest and doesn't cause any flare-ups.

  • Hi rustydog,

    A good recipe book is 'The Low FODMAP Diet Cookbook' written by Dr Sue Shepherd who originally helped develop the diet at Monash Uni in Australia.

  • I've found some good ideas on Pinterest for recipes

  • Congee. It's a watery rice soup that you can add any of the approved veggies and protein to. It's easy to make with leftovers and it fills you up.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice and tips 😀

  • Hi. I’ve been referred to a NHS dietician for the fodmap diet.

    Kings Hospital London have a good app using the traffic light system, see food for link.

    I’m finding it hard to stick to elimination phase & keep restarting, planning is the key as well as will power.

    I’m starting again today after having a very painful week so I’m really focused now.

    Good luck and remember only do 1st phase for 6-8 wks then start re introduction (phase2)

    Hope this helps & ask to be referred to NHS dietician for help.

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