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I have had ibsd for about 20 years and I mostly control it with a very strict diet. I have tried lots of things but found little that helps greatly. Had all the hospital tests etc they say nothing more can be done I just have to manage the symptoms. I try and stay positive and try new things to keep me motivated so I am going for a probiotic called Vivomixx which is supposedly a bit cheaper version of VSL3. Started 10 days ago and initially constipation for a couple of days then normality for 3 days which was great. Now I am getting diarrhoea each day with a burning sensation in my stomach and some muscle spasms. I have not changed my diet so I think the probiotic is causing it. If anyone has advice how long should I give such a high strength probiotic before deciding it doesn't work or is this a sign my gut flora is rebalancing?

Thanks Ian.

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You probably need to reduce the amount of days your taking probotic try that. Every other day first then if still got symptoms got to every two days etc.


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