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Severe colic that won't go away - anyone else had this?

Hi, I was diagnosed - very casually as if it was unimportant - with IBS a while back. About 3 weeks ago I ended up in hospital with what felt like biliary colic (gallstone pain). If you've ever had an attack of colic you'll know how it feels: agonisingly tight, like someone is crushing your chest, with a pain level that's really intense and just won't let up. You feel like you want to pass wind really badly but nothing will move. It really goes into a big spasm. There's often nausea and shivers as well. In hospital they tested my bloods and they were fine, which kind of suggests it wasn't a stone left behind in the duct or anything like that. (I've had my gallbladder removed 4 yrs ago)

I put it down to overeating - and overeating chocolate at that, I am ashamed to say. However, since then it hasn't gone away, I have constant 'indigestion' with acid reflux because the wind in my gut is pushing up the stomach contents. I have back pain most days with it. I was originally taking Buscopan and Simeticone (Wind Settlers) to no great effect. Eventually I hit on the idea of trying baby's gripe water and I've found that to be the most effective thing for it. At least it eases it a little, but it's costing me a fortune.

I have IBS which presents with constipation, and a sore gut for anything frrm 4 hrs to a full day after a BM. I also have oesophagitis. But this colic is a new thing. I did have an attack like this once before in 2012 but it went away without this legacy of pain.

My question is does anyone else have this as part of their IBS? Or, if you have lost your gallbladder, is this a post cholestectomy/Sphincter of Oddi problem? I've long suspected I might have something wrong there but my doctor has dismissed it. So I don't know whether I should go see him and demand testing or this is just another miserable facet of IBS. Anyone who has had these attacks, especially after losing their gallbladder, I'd love to hear from you. (I should just qualify that I lost my gallbladder several years ago - it's not a recent thing.) Thanks!

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Just bumping this up. Still suffering badly with this without respite. Is there ANYONE out there who has colic as part of their IBS symptoms? If so, how do you help it? I am at my wits end. The doc has also refused to give me a repeat prescription of Buscopan because I haven't had it since February! So I'm having to wait a week and a half to see her; God bless doctors. Anyone got any advice?????


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