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IBS and anxiety

I am writing on behalf of my son here. He is a teen with many health issues. He is virtually blind has anxiety ,hypermobile joints and sensory issues which all adds to the anxiety which triggers the IBS . Have tried so many things , removing gluten has helped and taking mastic gum also useful . But the anxiety especially social situations is so hard to get on top of ,has anyone tried anything with success ?

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Firstly, I'm so sorry to read that your son has such a lot of issues to contend with, it must also be a nightmare for you trying to help him.

Many of us on here have done the FODMAP elimination diet with amazing success. It's a very tough regime for the first few weeks, but it helps you to pinpoint your food triggers and adjust your diet accordingly. The best book I found about this is by Patsy Catsos called 'IBS - Free At Last' and Monash Uni (where the diet was developed) has loads of info on its website plus an excellent app which gives you instant info on what you're about to eat. The link for this is:


This is definitely not just another fad diet, it really works, do give it a go.



Thank you I will have a look


Anxiety was and is and will always be a major issue with IBS and medical conditions in general. Not sure how old he is, but I know at my age of 41 it is a daily battle.

I have come up with personal ways of calming or distracting my anxiety. They sometimes work and I think the most important thing to know is that when they do not work it is actually ok to just give up the fight that day or hour or minute.

We all want to be perfect and fit in, sometimes that is really the hardest thing to get past.


I second trying the FODMAPS diet. Also, I'd be upfront with his teachers, he can get a doctor's note explaining his situation. Having a plan for the possible worst case scenario can help to ease some anxiety caused by bathroom issues.


Definitely going to try this fodmap diet. Actually some of the foods on there we have already identified as a trigger , kidney beans seem to be a no go .. Thank you lovely people x


I think by listening to calming books and listening to music - along with stretching and breathing exercises can help.

Have you tried some natural anxiety remedies? These taken along with food that is not high in sugar can work. If it doesn't then chemical anxiety Meds will help too.

Cut out all soft drinks and cut out dairy for a while to see if it's the sugar in dairy that does it (lactose)

getting a quality deep sleep is also very important along with fresh air.

Along with nice natural fresh foods (good fats For joints). My mum had to deal with me so I can feel your pain.



Research iliocecal valve disfunction


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