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Starting to make progress

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I posted on here. Since my last update I've had good & bad times. I have IBS, Barrets Oesophagus and had a hard time after a total hysterectomy in October 2014. I left off last time where I was about to seek some treatment for a malfunctioning ileocecal valve (ICV). This has caused me all sorts of problems, excruciating right sided pain, backwashing of toxins into my blood that has attacked my joints and ligaments, the list goes on. On the whole the last few years of my life has been pretty rough health wise. I'm having Bowen Therepy and kinesiology for my ICV which looks to be working, it's also helping with the awful symptoms of inflammation I have been getting ( frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and trigger fingers as well as horrible low back pain). The therapist also works on my upper and lower stomach. It's not a magical cure but slow progress seems to be taking place.

I also see a natural therapist. She is amazing and has got me on a combination of natural products that seem to calm down my IBS enormously. I'm drinking liquid chlorophyll, taking 2 high dosage serrapetase a day and have been on a high dosage of probiotic. These treatments have been costing a flipping fortune but I've seriously had to try and find a way to feel better because my GP just keeps offering me diazepam or strong pain killers. I really don't want to live like a zombie but I also cannot bear the thought of living the rest of my life with so much pain. I'm 50 on Saturday and some days I have honestly felt like life as I knew it was over.

So, slow but steady progress. Anxiety can still give me awful IBS symptoms ( my garden shed was burgled yesterday and our lawnmower and stuff was stolen). I'm trying not to get too upset or worried as I pay the price twice !!!! I meditate and relax my mind and body. I have magnesium flakes in my bath and also use the oil on my achy bits. So all in all, feeling more positive than I have for a while.

Apologies for long, long post. Best wishes to you all.

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Sounds like you are on a good track...and doing really well! This is GOOD! Keep it up, I'm proud of you...cuz if you have read what I just posted about Feeling sick and discouraged, you will know it PAYS to stay on track and NOT cheat~! :( ....

I am sorry about your garden shed being burgled.. and I know you are trying to handle it very well ... but also remember IT'S OK to be angry for a short time, too.... and to express what you REALLY feel. Then, dust off and go forward! :) Best wishes to you!


I really feel for what you have been through and at such a young age, 50 is not old. Pleased that you are taking the natural approach as I'm a great believer in that and I think that the NHS should support that much more as it is so costly to suffer with this condition.

Very good luck for the future and I hope that this really is the start of you feeling so much better.

Also, I agree with BettyA in that it's okay to feel angry for a short time and then dust yourself off.


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