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Hi, I am new to this forum and finding it very interesting just how diverse peoples symptoms and experience of IBS can be.

I have apparently had IBS for over 20 years and used to suffer a lot of constipation/loose stools alternately, but constipation used to be the main problem. I started to eat a lot healthier and cut out the things that make me bad, mainly dairy/chocolate, wheat, wine, citrus and caffeine. It made a huge difference to the pains, although I still got constipated sometimes and things started to settle a bit and I only got flare ups of IBS when I was stressed etc. I also drink peppermint tea.

However, over the last 6 -12 months I have noticed that my BM's are now a lot softer...about a 5-6 on the Bristol stool chart. This is every day without fail now. I only go first thing in the morning, sometimes twice but mainly only once. Sometimes I get a pain in my colon for a bit after I have been and feel like I may need to go again. I do get a lot more bloating and trapped wind than I used to.

I also have had a problem with breathlessness, especially first thing in morning or if I do too much. Been checked at hospital for asthma etc and they say all is fine. I also take medication for an eptopic heart beat and for over active thyroid.

Is it possible the breathlessness could be related to IBS? Do my BM's seem normal? It is certainly normal for me now, but I do worry sometimes that it could be something else. I also wonder if I am deficient in some mineral/vitamin etc due to my BM's being so soft. Can anybody recommend any supplements that might help.

I really don't want to go to the Dr unless I have to as I prefer alternative methods and often have Rekei and massage etc.

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Omg. as I am reading this I am struggling with breath. I sometimes get this and thought it might just be where I have put on a lot of weight recently. Now you mention it though it only happens when I have eaten badly or foods that may trigger my IBS.

Also I get varied BMs which mainly are soft. this again is normally once or twice in the morning.

I am anaemic and take Ferrous Fumarate Iron tablets. It hasn't made a difference in my BM that much. I also want to know any other supplements or tablets to take to help BMs. Maybe the breathlessness could be from being anaemic too?

Good luck with your IBS.


anemia can and does cause breathlessness

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