Hi - I'm new here. Have had IBS for over 20 years after a very bad parasite infection that went undiagnosed for over 10 years. I have mainly diarrhoea, multiple times a day, but the only way I can usually manage to go to the toilet is to have a few puffs on a cigarette. Does anyone else have this, or (which would be really helpful) did anyone have this problem and manage somehow to overcome it? I do not want to be a smoker for ever!

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  • You have diarrhoea but you need to smoke a cigarette to go to the toilet, that doesn't sound right.

  • I think the whole thing about having IBS is that things aren't "right", don't you?

  • If you have diarrhoea why do you need help to go to the loo. That's the bit I don't get.

  • Smoking is bad for your stomach and everything else, do you think its worth the risk, is there not anything else that might help you out like a cup of black coffee?

  • I find coffee makes me go better than cigarettes but I am a regular smoker with IBS, GERD, Hiatal Hernia with Gastroparesis

  • some people go within 5 minutes of drinking coffee if they have IBS.

  • Ask to be tested for Dysbiosis.

  • Hello Ellie,

    I found that smoking helped - but I didn't want to become a smoker. This is what I did instead that worked just as well:

    Hope this helps you,


  • Guess the smoking helps you to RELAX (having never smoked I cannot be sure!) I am assuming you also have constipation as you say 'can usually manage to go after a few puffs'?

    To calm your stomach and feel more relaxed you would do better to take Phenergan, as if you take it at night, before bed, it is a mild sedative (just ONE) and you will sleep very well and feel calmer next day.

    It is sold over the counter and is also used for children- it is mainly a travel sickness pill/hayfever pill so cannot harm you (check you do not take any other medication). It has worked WONDERS for me!!! Have not taken Imodium for a number of weeks now!!

  • Hi yes I used to smoke; go for a walk instead

    All the best

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