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I have started using Probotics and seen a huge improvement. kefir yogurt at first but tasted awful so now taking a concentrated tablet every day. A huge huge improvement. I have been following a FODMAP regime for 2 and half years. I am ncgs gluten sensitive but have a high intolerance/allergy to onions. And all things fake, preservatives, fake sugers, glucose etc. This I have know for most of my life. I never handled it properly UntiI hit rock bottom and my brilliant Mum who is a Nutritionalist help me. She tried for a long time, but until you except there is an issue you aren't ready. I asked for help. My life has changed in every way. The battle is always there but so much easier.

I can now talk about it rather than hide. I sleep better. Can go out. Drive long distance, am happy, and in control.Read less

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  • Lovely to hear another who has found a solution that works. There are common things, probiotics, eat sensible and understand what your body doesn't like. Interesting with the fake sugar as it's something I steer clear of.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you and you.

  • Good news, there is a condition called dysobitis which is undigested food, causes fermentation in gut it responds well to really good probiotic and garlic tablets. Such things as onions fat meat carbs can cause it to blow up soon after eating. You may have this.

  • I cannot eat onions at all, or processed foods which I knew before I knew I had IBS. Amazing what your body tells you without knowing why. I will look into dysobitis. Thanks

  • would you mind saying which probiotic you are taking now?

  • Nutripreme one tablet a day.

  • Excellent, great to hear good news. I'm going to go sugar free once I'm back from my Summer holiday :)

  • Hi there, glad you are doing so well at long last. I was just wondering what probiotic you would recommend. Thanks in advance. Good luck and keep healthy.

  • I use nutripreme which Mum researched and purchased on Amazon.

  • Thank you, I have just purchased some from Holland and Barrett in their sale, w.ill see if they make a difference.

  • Where can I buy probiotics in tablet form please

  • Amazon I use nutripreme

  • Thank you I will give them a try

  • Glad to hear some sufferes are getting better gives us some hope ..may i ask how do we know if a sugar is fake ??

    first time i hear about this ..interesting!!

  • What probiotic is it you're taking? Great you've found one that works,ive tried a few, but none have worked for ne yet x

  • NutriPreme probiotics, I take 1 every day and have seen an improvement. I think they well worth a try

  • I have just started taking probiotics, but just a chemist one probiotics with prebiotics - i will definitely look into nutripreme. i too have a strong intolerance/allergy to onions and garlic and processed food and make most of my own food from scratch. is there any general advice your mother recommended with your diet? did you do an elimination to find out you could not eat those foods or did you find out from your reactions? and if you don't mind me asking what allergic reactions did you have from these foods?

  • I started with an elimination diet then tried different foods that were low FODMAP. I printed off a list of high and low FODMAP foods to help me and tucked those I could eat and how often.

    I use asafoetida and make my own garlic oil as a substitute for garlic and onions.

    Mum would always advise you do an elimination diet and start FODMAP with the guidance of a doctor or specialist.

    My reactions are D and bloating, cramps, lathargy, mood swings, water retention, joint ache and my hair and skin were in poor condition. I get snappy and miserable to.

    With onions I have awful cramps and my tummy swells up to a massive balloon! I get constipation and all hot and sweaty, my glands hurt and it can take 1-3 days to subside depending on how bad it is.

  • Thank you thats very helpful. I think i will go back to the dietician and relook at low and high fodmap food. That sounds a lot like my reactions to certain foods - i get lathargic, bloated gassy pains and irritable and my eyelids swell and my face generally swells, scratchy throat. I feel your pain with onions, i am the same and it can take 3-4 days to feel normal again. I have heard of asafoetida being an alternative though i havent tried it.

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