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Recently I decided to cut down my Alcohol consumption as I think that often Alcohol results in an attack of D.    I decided to buy a few bottles of Non-Alcohol white wine.

Almost every time I have had a glass or two with my evening meal , it has been followed by gut ache ,wind and diarrhea .   I tried googling this issue and it seems that non alcoholic wine and beer can cause this.    I don't know why, perhaps Sulphites or similar chemicals.

Has anyone else out there tried this and experienced a similar result.    Very disappointing , as it tasted quite good and must be better for you than alcoholic drinks.   Need to think again.


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  • Not only may there be sulphites but there is LOADS of sugar in them which may be irritating your gut. I would switch to sparkling water with lemon or berries then save the real stuff for special occasions. there isn't much point of drinking wine without alcohol as it is just sugary juice.  


  • Hi Franjanu,

    Thanks for your reply, --good advice.


  • Yes, I had that problem.  It just went straight through me within minutes.  As you say, it tasted quite good - shame.

  • Thanks for taking time to reply Mmaj.    Glad to hear I am not alone with this.  I tried it a few times and each time the same unfortunate results.

    I kept thinking it must be something I ate in my evening meal.   A pity but that's it now--Vodka or nothing I guess.



  • Hmmm.

    Not much kick in non alcoholic wine ! 

    A little Brandy or Brandy and port can be soothing !!

  • Yes, I'm the same with wine and I love it! Try a brandy with crabbies ginger. I have IBS and I'm great with that. It actually calms the gut down. Just the one though..

  • Cheers !

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