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Only recently joined this site after experiencing real get upset - I have now been to my local GP who has finally referred me to have a colonoscopy, something I have been requesting - going private to speed up the investigation cant wait on the NHS.

Even though I was informed I had IBS over 4 years ago I have never had a colonoscopy but my wife who has ulcerative colitis, her consultant said I should have one just to check what type I have. Is it normal to have a colonoscopy to determine if it is IBS ? Because the only thing they did on my first consultation was an ultrasound and blood tests.

I'm just hoping that the current episode is stress related and nothing more serious !!

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The NICE clinical guidelines state that a colonoscopy isn't necessary to diagnose IBS. I think the reasoning is that the blood tests should indicate any potential sources of inflammation or other risks that might necessitate a more invasive procedure to find out more. An alternative to rule out UC and Crohn's is the faecal calprotectin test - nice.org.uk/Guidance/DG11. It's probably cheaper and undoubtedly more comfortable than a colonoscopy! A colonoscopy certainly wouldn't tell you what type of *IBS* you have so there might have been something lost in translation (a colonoscopy would help determine the type of IBD - inflammatory bowel disease).


They usually do a colonoscopy to rule out anything that might need attention...but like patientj said...it doesn't tell you much about what is causing your ibs.... It will make you feel better just to get it done and get it over with ... chances are you will not have anything more serious... The dr is just taking precautions! Good luck! Let us know how it turns out!


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