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Bowel and Bladder Problems

Hi there!

I am currently conducting research on behalf of my University, Birkbeck College in London. I am exploring the impact that bowel and bladder conditions can have on people in the workplace, and in particular how it affects their decision-making when deciding where to work.

I would be grateful if you could spend 5 minutes completing my survey to contribute to this research. All data will be confidential and all responses are completely anonymous.  Contact details are provided if you wish to find out more!


Thank you in advance!

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Done ✔️✔️ Hope it helps. Check out my website I'm a nutritionist coming from a management background and left that job because of my GI issues. 


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Thank you for completing the survey! All participants make a significant contribution to this research. It is a subject that needs more awareness and understanding. Your personal circumstances and your website are inspiring!


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