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Bowel problems caused by food?


Food intolerance is a vast subject but if you suspect food is causing your bowel problems but can't quite work out why - this may help. Delayed reactions and seemingly different reactions to the same foods are all pointers to food intolerance. There are natural chemicals as well as artificial ones that can overload our digestive systems because our diets are saturated with them! We all have a tolerance level and after we reach it we'll have reactions. It may take a few days or a few hours to occur depending on what we've eaten and our sensitivity levels.

The following links explain it better than I do.

I hope it helps - I wish I'd known about it 20 years ago!

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Hello swishymichy, thanks for the link. I have hit yet another barrier with my bloating and constipation and so found this link of particular interest. Can I ask how you adopted this elimination diet? Did you follow the book or the website? How long did it take before you had am improvement with your symptoms? It seems quite complex and difficult to manage, but also makes soooooo much sense. I've always wondered why my symptoms improve whilst on holiday in France, where even the bread does not affect me. It must be all those artificial additives that my gut is intolerant to.

Gemini71 in reply to Bibabunny

I completely agree

I'm going to study this carefully. Thank you!!!

Swishymishy that's a lot of information I really don't know where to start,but I will keep studying it .

Hi, it's taken me couple of weeks intensive(!) research to get to grips with this but I've just been gradually eliminating things on the list. I've been using this website although it is not the official diet. I've also been using the food intolerance network website. I'm am only a week into 'proper' elimination but I feel the best I have in years! It took a while for my bowels to settle and I think I had withdrawal from tea (headache) although I only drank Green tea & herbals (All tea is very high in salicylates). I am only drinking water currently, cut out all fruit, and the veggies mentioned. I am still eating supermarket meat to use it up. I have given up soya custard & other soya products as it contains a byproduct of seaweed called carrageenan which is very high in salicylates. Also soya milk contains sugar which is likely to be unrefined which is high in salicylates. Vinegar, herbs & spices, vanilla...all bad the list goes on but it makes sooo much difference! I am hoping to get the booklet of how to complete the diet from Oz and have order 'friendly foods' from Amazon. I hope it works for you both!

Hi swishymichy, thank you for your posts, now looking into the info.

Wow thank you for the links! I am currently printing the info out! Xx

swishymichy in reply to Flik22

Have a look at and the official diet info from

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