It has now been 17 days since I have been properly. I have taken lactulose 2x50mls a day, 4 senacot at night and have mini enimas all from the doctor. All this has achieved is wind and like a blob of diareah. I feel I want to go every time I sit on the toilet but nothing happens.

I am convinced I have a blockage but doctor says no. I haven't had any examinations although this has been going on for months.

I do take tramadol as I also have fibromyalgia but I have cut that down as well. I've ordered some magnesium citrate as I see a lot of you recommend it 400mg ones.

This is my first post on this group although I've been on the fibro site of the forum for some time. Any advice would really be appreciated, thank you.

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  • Yes, the Tramadol certainly wouldn't help, so good that you've managed to cut that down.

    Have you had a colonoscopy or any other investigative procedures? Have you tried changing your diet?

  • I haven't had any investigated examinations at all. Just laxatives of all sorts. I'm going to doctors on Monday and I'm going to insist on further investigations. I can't go on like this much longer, it's very worrying.

  • Yes and damned uncomfortable too no doubt. Insist on seeing a colorectal consultant urgently.

    I wish you well with this.

  • Hi you need to see a Gastrologist,and if you get that far you need a colonoscopy,it's very good for ruling out anything wrong,then they can tell you IBS and only then.

    But I'm afraid you do need to stamp your feet a little or you'll get nowhere.

    Good luck. Oh and a very good natural laxative is Normacol very expensive so see if you can get it on prescription. It's natural Fibre so it's up to you how much your body needs.

  • Glad you are trying magnesium citrate,after 20yrs of searching for ibs cures they are the only thing I've found that help,I take 400mg in one dose before bed,I used to have to take 600mg you need to experiment to find the dose that suits you,good luck x

  • Thank you for your replies. My magnesium citrate arrived so I'll be giving that a go as well.

  • Can you take magnesium citrate if you are on prescription medication?

  • For constipation this bread recipe has made an enormous difference.

    It is very easy to make. Just get a silicon loaf pan, so you can remove it easily after 20 minutes of baking, then return to baking. It says to put the loaf right on the oven rack, but I use a sheet pan - and it comes out perfect anyway. I have been making this bread weekly now for about a month. It truly is "life changing" for anyone with constipation. It has a lot of seeds, so not for those with diverticulitis.

    I also use hemp seeds, and poppy seeds, and sometimes add an extra teaspoon of maple syrup. Once this bread is done, it cuts easier if kept refrigerated. It is best well toasted and spread with a good "grass fed" type butter like Kerrygold.

    For those who have never made anything like this -- it is very easy. You just dump all the ingredients in a bowl or right in the loaf pan and mix. Can't get much easier. And it will truly get things moving.

  • Seeds and high fibre food are the worst thing for my constipation. Odd right?

  • Don't worry, you are not alone. I didn't have a poo for two weeks when I first got IBS-C. I ate prunes and took fybogel but just got pain and bloating. You must get a colonoscopy.

    Good luck!

  • How did the colonoscopy help with your constipation or did you change your diet?

  • Update!! I want to say a big thank you to you guys and gals on here. If not for you I wouldn't have known about magnesium citrate, what a god send!

    I took 400ml Saturday then 800 on Sunday then eureka after 22 days constipation I did the best poo ever. I was totally elated. Going to continue taking it and see if it continues to work. 😘

  • When you did finally 'go' were you in a lot of pain? I find using any laxatives im in agony when i finally go. Also, when you 'went' did u go once or was it a hours on the loo? Im at a loss with all the laxatives, they all leave me with awful diarrhoea & a lot of pain. X

  • Just trawling thru then net hoping to find some advice about my own issue, which is constipation caused through me giving up smoking. It's been 3 months now, and it's been hell! On reading your post I am going to give the magnesium citrate a go. I've tried everything else and nothing is working. I hope this does!! 🖒👊💩

  • Some things to try ........

    Have you tried changing your diet ?

    Have you tried squatting to poo?

    Do you exercise?


  • Hi can you give me a clue where to get magmesium citrate at 400ml in the uk

    I can find tablets but not liquid,


  • I just want to mention about tramadole I used to take it for fibromyalgia it affected my memory great deal I have been taking herbal medication which is prescribed by herbalist and take Vitamin C which improve the nerve system and magnesium at night help to relax the muscle and have good sleep it has improved my fibromyalgia and stopped tramadol my memory improved

    As for constipation my elderly mother has similar problems the doctors believe the depression is the cause

    Something you need to check if you have depression which can cause fibromyalgia Google fibromyalgia

    Good luck

  • Like you I suffer chronic constipation,mini enemas,dulcolax, dulcolax enema supositries, but 2 weeks ago I bought an enema bulb with plastic insertion pipe I fill with organic coffee Luke warm of course insert it and squeeze old in for 10 mins then toilet look out works for me but take care

  • Glochessum. Did you ever have a colonoscopy to get it sorted


  • Hi James, yes I did have one. Didn't sort the problem out though. I just accept that's how my body works now but I do try to drink as much water as I can as it does help.

  • Is the colonoscopy painful scared to death of this,I had a sigmoid investigation after a major op many years ago,and me being an ex coalminer the pain was out of this world,I have put up a start message for IBS


  • It's really not too bad, they do anaesthetise you first. Good luck and don't worry 😉

  • 🤗

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