scared of bad news


I have burning sensation in stomach,loss of appetite,at times nausea but no vomiting,always had constipation.

I  have ibs c but this pain is different have had it for 2 weeks I see doctor tomorrow and of course I fear the worse

JUST wondering if anyone else has same symptons. I have lost 10 pounds in 2 months.

if anyone can write back I would appreciate their feedback 

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  • i've had the burning sensation in stomach and loss of appetite with some nausea. last time i had it for about a month then it just went away. i've read that excessive acid in your stomach can cause those symptoms. anxiety as well can cause havoc on our digestive system. then again those do sound like common symptoms of IBS. sometimes symptoms can change on a person. i don't think it could be anything serious and probably just new symptoms to your IBS or anxiety related. hope all turns out good for you. :)

  • thank you

  • Mr Mike is right,I have had "IBS" for 12yrs and yes the symptoms have changed,I'm now in constant pain and they still tell me "IBS" so don't worry until you have to.   My GP said a few months back he suspected cancer,(which I knew it wasn't ) if I had took him at his word I'd have worried myself sick,but after 12yrs I knew he was wrong.   So chin up and don't stress.

  • thank you for the encourgement

  • I would say its acid in your tummy obviously im not a doctor !! have you tried nexium or anything similar to see if it eases your problem x

  • no, guess I will anything to relieve this burning'

    thank you

  • Hi have you tried Silicol Gel. I got one from Amazon yesterday and it 'Coates your intestine. It's very good. I got relief from it right away and feel fine today. Read up on it. I'm sure it will help you and don't worry. During a bad flare up I lost nearly a stone and I'm fine. 

  • thank you

  • Bearfriend 52- You do not say how old you are, but when I was younger, I had trouble with impacted wisdom teeth. They weren't even sore, but I had all kinds of stomach issues,nausea and was losing weight. This went on for 3 months. I went to all kinds of Drs., had an upper GI- nothing showed up.  Long story short- two weeks after I had my wisdom teeth out I was fine.  Bacteria from any teeth issue can cause problems.

  • I used to get a burning/stinging sensation by my belly button.  It turned out to be a hernia which once repaired was fine.

  • I go for endoscopy at 1 this afternoon, very scared but know ut has to be done

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