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hello to you all. i have been a member of healthunlocked for a little while now but this is my first time posting in the IBS group. ive done some reading about IBS and its symptoms but i was hoping to get some insight from people that actually live with it. i know abdominal pain can be severe and usually located in the lower abdomen but i was wondering if anyone has gotten pain in the middle section of the abdomen? and also how severe can this pain be? how long can it last? i have had "attacks" where i will get very bad pain in the middle abdomen that feels more like very tight bloating. the first time it lasted a few hours....the second time (months later) it lasted for maybe 40 minutes. yesterday i ate food that was fried and about 30 minutes later it hit me again and the abdominal pain and bloating lasted for over 6 hours. i took some antacids and then gas-x but they did not make it better. this morning i woke and had some pain but it was different and not as severe as last night. this time it was lower on my abdomen...a little above my belly button...and it feels more like soreness than actual pain...and i could feel it mostly when i coughed or pressed down on my stomach with my hand. something i should add..i did have a bowel movement last night but it was small and i had to push harder than usual but there was no relief of my abdomen pain after the bowel movement like i've read can happen in cases of IBS. i should add that i am a long time sufferer of generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder and i i've read this can sometimes have a close relationship with IBS. thank guys and i do hope you are all doing well.

just wanted to also i am also getting some pain in lower left abdomen and i feel gassy but unable to pas gas at the moment although i did pas gas earlier today.

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  • Sounds like gas and acid

    Cut out fried food,in the US you use too much oil and shortening for this!

    Try babies colic meds

  • I assume you have visited the doctors and ruled out gallstones ? If so I suspect it's trapped wind, this can be very painful indeed. Replace all tea and coffee with peppermint tea.  Try fennel capsules. Watch your diet, you probably know what upsets you.  Loads of tips on here but if you haven't visited your doctor I urge you to do so. 

  • Hello Mrmike. I don't know if you are self- diagnosing or have seen your doctor but a lot of your symptoms I can identify with. I also suffer from anxiety/ panic disorder and the more I'll I get the more I panic - my symptoms can last between a couple of days and a month and sees like a spiral - if you can relax and maybe meditate that can help with some quiet calm music - I am currently taking peppermint oil capsules and Mebeverine and staying away from fried foods and wheat and gluten and at the moment broccoli which is producing wind in the tummyIts all very uncomfortable but if you haven't seen the GP and it doesn't subside in a few days do make an appointment as they can give you some reassurance and that will help with the panic and the rest may follow. Allthebest and hope you are well soon.


  • thank you all for your replies. unfortunately i have not seen a doctor in over 15 years due to no health insurance and i have awful agoraphobia which makes going anywhere very difficult for me. most of the info i get i do so from the internet..which i know is a bad idea but in my case it's the only venue for information for me...whether its through google or forums like this. i have gotten some mild sensations..not really pain...under my right rib cage where my gallbladder is located but the last time this happened was month it didn't come into mind that it could be my gallbladder causing these issues. today i woke up with no more sensation in my belly. the pain was so bad though that now i am afraid to eat anything. if it is my gallbladder then im sure the fried food i ate could have triggered an attack right? i do try and keep myself calm since i know how much my anxiety can intensify any symptoms but its hard when the pain is this bad. i certainly will watch what i eat from now on. thank you all again and i do hope you all have a wonderful day.

  • Dr Google isn't necessarily your best bet. If you can't get to the real doctor how about a phone call to him . Reassurance is half the cure and relieve the anxiety which will help the symptoms. But if you really are sure it's IBS then treat it accordingly, try an elimination diet starting with absolutely nothing that contributes to wind no wheat or gluten and no fried food or fizzy drinks.If it begins to subside gradually add extra items gradually back - when I am really bad a little mash potato with parsley sauce or gravy is a starting place. Bland is best and relaxation, mindfulness and a little meditation in a quiet corner with a lit candle will re- focus you gradually. All the best.

  • thanks Annie. yeah i know to stay away from Dr. Google...especially with my anxiety issues...but it's hard not to when all i can do is sit here unable to go see a real doctor. i've tried calling doctors but only get as far as talking with a nurse and their only advice to me is that i go to their office and see the doctor in person. i actually stumbled upon an organization of doctors here in california that actually make housecalls. i have no insurance so i will have to shell out $99 for a visit plus the cost of any lab work that may need to be done. but having an actual doctor check me will be great...although im concerned about what he/she may find wrong with me hehe. my goal is to eventually get threatment for my anxiety and agoraphobia. if it is my gallbladder then i am hoping that i will have no major issues until i am able to get myself to the actual medical center and get treatment...or have it removed. i have been reading alot about choosing the right diet so i will be making some changes. for now i've cut out all fried foods, processed foods, and high fat no sodas or sweet stuff like cookies and chocolate . thanks again for your feedback...hope you have a great day! :)

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