Is this familiar to you?

Ok, about 5 years ago I started having problems with my bowels. Doctor sent me for all the invasive camera tests and it came back all clear and so they diagnosed ibs. I have flare ups about 5 days a month, only this month has been awful.

Many urgent, no notice, dashes for the loo, yellowy slimy out puts followed by a couple of days of okish movements. Now I appear to be producing what I can only describe as half and half, in the sence I appear to produce a couple of normal stools mixed win with watery diarherra as the toilet water is muddied and makes the stools impossible to see. Or is it that the water is muddied by residue off the stool itself as there is no feeling or other indications that I have passed dia.

I also know I have gallstones and do have some discomfort in that area from time to time, but I don't know if the discomfort is my gallbladder or bowel or something else.

I have become concerned as its about two weeks now since developing this, and as I said, normally my bowels are off for between 3 and 5 days.

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  • I think you should get this checked out as soon as possible, you could have an infection x

  • The yellish stool you have described also has happened to me . I have made many er visits as well as my primary care doctor. They were not really concerned as they checked the function of my organs 😕 If it makes you feel better go to the doctor. Only you know how you feel inside.

  • Thanks for a reassuring post.

  • No problem. Follow or read some of my posts . I got to the doctors on Tuesday and will be addressing it once again I will keep you updated .

  • My tum plays up if I do not watch my diet. Suffer from colitis, find wheat and corn cause me problems. Have you tried keeping a food diary. Best of luck

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