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So fed up

Hi All,

I know I do not have as severe problems with my IBS as some of you but today I have really felt down.  I usually get symptoms every 2 to 3 weeks but Saturday and today (Monday), I have been running to the Loo.  Only just getting there in time.  I also can have normal and diarrohea  together!!!!  What with the stomach pains, wind and feeling worn out I am feeling really cheesed off.  I am thinking about going back to see the Doc as wondered if I could get something on prescription to ease the diarrohea.   I have been under severe stress over the last week so wondered if this has increased my symptoms.  Have been keeping a food diary but that has not shown anything at all.  Have had Blood Tests, Stool tests, Stomach and bowel examined and it has all come back negative.  I feel I am wasting my Doctors time going as he has had me tested and I feel like a fraud.

Thanks for listening.

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Know how you feel. Search for the post from "notibs" which makes interesting reading. Good luck.


Hi you are not wasting the GP time, you obviously have a problem. If all results come back ok, then maybe IBS. I get where you are coming from, as some of them make you feel useless , I take Colpamin, to ease the Diarrhea . It's a bit expensive, so I get mine on prescription. Some don't tolerate the peppermint, but it works for me. I hope you get it sorted and feel better soon. Take care.x


Thank you, will be going to see the doctor soon.  It helps knowing you are not alone.  x

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I take Imodium for diarrhoea although I now rarely need to dye to Fodmaps.  

Have you tried Fodmaps and/or going gluten free/dairy free?  Get the app from Monash University and use green traffic light symbol foods only for at least 6 weeks then you can gradually reintroduce groups of foods to your diet to find out which ones react and can then be avoided. 

This works wonders for many people on this site - I urge you to give it a try.  


Nothing seems to spark it off.  Have been keeping a diary and the only thing that makes it worse is my anxiety and stress which at the moment is very high due to personal circumstances.  Have always been a worrier but I will bear that in mind.  thanks. x


In desperation I took 2 Imodium plus yesterday and it seems to have worked.  Stomach feels better this morning and stool back to normal.  I know when I am getting an attack and it always is around 3pm to 4pm after dinner.  Never any time other than then.  It is so weird I can almost set my watch to it and it does not matter what I eat or drink. x


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