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So three weeks ago i got my intolerance results from YorkTest and found i had intolerances too Cows Milk, Egg White, Blueberries, Gluten and Yeast so i started to cut these foods out and my IBS symptoms seemed to disapear and my huge bloated stomach seemed to make some movement too. I began to feel better but unfortantly got flu, then this coughing bug an visited my doctor yesterday who then decided to test me for Coeliac and told me to put Gluten back into my diet! Today i feel terrible:

Dull ache pain in my stomach


Lack of appitite

Back ache

Low mood

Im wondering can any advise if i had Coeliac then wouldnt i have intolerances too Wheat, Rhy and Barley too? Which i dont

Im just so depressed i felt good for 3 weeks then suddenly i dont want to leave my bed but thinking about it Tuesday night my stomach started playing up b4 i put gluten back into my diet.

Anybody else had same experience?

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It's interesting that you've seen your symptoms worsen after putting gluten-containing foods back into your diet. Although it is unpleasant I'd advise you to stick with it until you've had your blood test results back - if you don't eat gluten, the antibodies in your blood may be undetectable and your doctor can't make a positive diagnosis. This is important because coeliac disease can actually be serious if left untreated.

You sounded like you were confused that the York Test showed you had an intolerance to gluten but not wheat, rye or barley. Without knowing how the York Test works, I would say there are two possible reasons for this: firstly, there is a lot of debate about whether food intolerance tests actually work; secondly, gluten is only a part of wheat, rye and barley - the York Test probably has different markers for the four of them. Intriguingly, you may have found your symptoms improved because by cutting out gluten you also cut out wheat, rye and barley from your diet and it was actually these foods that caused your IBS symptoms in the first place. Equally, these foods may also contain yeast.

Despite my skepticism, I am a firm believer that if something works, it doesn't matter why, and it looks like you are closer to finding the foods that cause the you most problems. The scientist in me wonders whether you'd experience the same response if you re-introduced those other foods at later dates once your symptoms settle down again. I'd suggest asking your doctor about being tested for egg allergy though, because if you happen to be allergic to that (rather than just intolerant) you may get a far worse response if you eat it again.

Hope you get better soon.

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Thank you .

Yorktest works by testing the Anti lGg bodies we react too.

I started feeling a little groggy before i put gluten back into my diet but as you said i was still eating foods with barley in.

I have another 3 weeks left of cutting out my other intolerances b4 i slowly start reintroducing.

Im hoping im not Coeliac to be honest but what will be will be, my IBS meds used to help with my symptoms when i was taking them


You must have gluten in your diet if a ceoliac test is to be done

If you look on the web you'll find that a lot of intolerance testing can be very inconclusive 


Yes i had cut gluten out for 3 weeks but not wheat, rhy or barley so my GP asked me to eat gluten again for a week for blood test


Just a point - you can't cut gluten out without also not eating wheat, barley or rye as they all contain it


We had questioned that but im not intolerant to wheat, rhy or barley so i was eating things with wheat in. Atleast i know my blood test should be alright when its done.

I feel better today


Out of curiosity, when you say you cut out gluten as a consequence of the York Test, what foods did you stop eating?


I just cut out foods that stated they contains gluten and not barley, wheat or rhy as i was advised its just gluten i couldnt have. Its all very confusing to be honest.

So i know i havent really cut gluten out totally.


There are several food items which you could be intolerant to which don't show up on the test as it directly tests allergic reactions with your blood and not with your gut. Completely cut out all dairy. Eggs. And gluten. Just try it for one week and see how you feel. 



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