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IBS C with winding

Hi guys. My problem of IBS C with continuous winding is still a problem to me even though i used fodmap application to cancel all the troublesome foods as peer the app.

today i started my new job which i did interview and passed. its my dream job as the payment is super and my plans are to work hard and be promoted. In order to avoid the winding embarrassment i bought underwears from shreddies UK to help filter the odour and also i bought a organza and GA perfumes to cover the odour.

i felt somehow comfortable at my work place although i felt some slight leakage of odour.

I hereby request any ideas and ways possible to take in odour to remove the unpleasant smell which depresses me so much.

As i posted before, not even my GI was able to help me.

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maybe take a look into your diet and if there's anything you're eating thats making it worse - eating junk food, lots of heavy carb-loaded stuff etc doesnt make for pleasant smells! eating lighter meals will also help reduce the bloating, as well as avoiding milk and/or gluten if you can

alsomaybe see about getting regular gentle laxatives from the GP, so nothing is stuck in your system for so long that it begins to rot or smell worse, hope this helps :)


Have you seen any improvement on the low FODMAP diet? If not, it might not be working and you may as well revert back to your original diet. Alternatively, I know some people do the low FODMAP diet without a dietician's help and either don't cut out all the right foods (without knowing it) or miss out on other foods they need. For instance, you may be cutting out too much fibre which is why things aren't improving and you should go and see a registered dietician for advice.

I had a similar problem to you (although I also had IBS-D as well as constipation and wind) and the low FODMAP diet didn't do too much to help. I know exactly what you mean by the leakage of odour (you're the first person I've heard, other than me, to use that description!) and it is depressing. I found that stress and anxiety tended to make it worse so you may find that settling into your new job sees an improvement (your gut may be adjusting). But don't work yourself too hard because that might not be helping things.

As for alternative suggestions I have three:

- have you had any investigations for obstructions in your gut? One contributor on here has constipation and found some things from having a proctogram than improved her condition.

- prebiotics encourage some bacteria to grow in your gut that may alleviate your symptoms. You can sometimes experience a temporary worsening of symptoms when you first start taking them.

- probiotics - like prebiotics (and with similar side effects) except these contain live bacteria rather than food to encourage bacteria to grow. I believe that both Align and VSL#3 have been approved for treatment of IBS and I understand that Align is cheaper.


You could be bothered by non-FODMAPS food as well. Are you keeping a food diary? Do you notice any changes in symptoms day-to-day?  Could also be medications, supplements, drinks, etc


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