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lymphomic colitis

I am at my wits end with this, first I was diagnosed with ibs, later colitis, I have been on many different meds, I have been on budesonide for 5 months and it was helping with occasional flare ups. I have reduced my gluten , dairy , I do not eat seeds, nuts, fruit and certain vegetables. I miss a lot of work do this condition , and with no pay as I have used up my sick days. My employer has my dr fill out FLMA papers which helps my job to know I have a medical condition. but it does not help me with my loss of pay.  I have been thinking that disability may be the way to go for me. I am not a lazy person I just feel I am being forced to choose between my heath and my paycheck! Any thoughts?

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Your Health comes first everytime. Without your health you can't do nothing.

Get yourself in order,first then take it from there.   I'm sorry I help with your health as I am struggling with my own,that's why your health is SO important.

       Take care.

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thank you yes my health does come first. what do you mean get yourself in order? then take it from there....


Sorry if I didn't put that right,I mean get yourself well first,that's priority,then think about what your going to do from there.

Just one step at a time.    Sorry.


thank you


You Take care of yourself.🍀


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