Tummy swollen

Hi all, I have had a swollen tummy for over a month now. I have diverticular disease throughout my colon. I have no energy. They also think I have precious anemia. Taking b12 tablets for this. I take my medication for my diverticular disease cannot get an appointment for love nor money! Excuse my frustration!! 

I have only put on a pound in weight since last September. 

Thanks for listening.

Tea123 😔

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  • Hi Tea1234. Sorry to hear you feel so rubbish. My uncle had pernicious anaemia. Hopefully the B12 supplements will start working soon and you'll feel so much better then. Take care.

  • What meds are you on for your diverticular disease? Have the same issue but didn't know there were meds for it. Thx. 

  • Pentasa. My Gastrologist put me on them.

  • Yes, I know the med. My daughter has Crohn's and was on it many years ago. I'm glad it works for you and you can tolerate it.

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