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Tummy swollen

Hi all, I have had a swollen tummy for over a month now. I have diverticular disease throughout my colon. I have no energy. They also think I have precious anemia. Taking b12 tablets for this. I take my medication for my diverticular disease cannot get an appointment for love nor money! Excuse my frustration!! 

I have only put on a pound in weight since last September. 

Thanks for listening.

Tea123 😔

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Hi Tea1234. Sorry to hear you feel so rubbish. My uncle had pernicious anaemia. Hopefully the B12 supplements will start working soon and you'll feel so much better then. Take care.


What meds are you on for your diverticular disease? Have the same issue but didn't know there were meds for it. Thx. 


Pentasa. My Gastrologist put me on them.


Yes, I know the med. My daughter has Crohn's and was on it many years ago. I'm glad it works for you and you can tolerate it.


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