Long Term Diarrhoea

Hi, I am now at my wits end as I have suffered with Chronic Diarrhoea for 6 weeks now. There have been no major changes in my life that I can think of that would cause this. I am male, 58 years old, do not smoke, possibly have 1 - 2 glasses of wine a week. My diet is very good. I am extremely careful in what I eat as I suffer from Diverticular Disease. However, I am not sure that is the cause. Obviously being a typical male of a certain age I bury my head in the sand with the hope that it will all go away. But........ this has now got to a stage where I MUST do something about it because on several occasion in the previous two weeks when I have wind, i have followed through..!! Always watery. My quality is massively affected by this now, so any help would be most welcome. Thanks for listening.

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  • Are you getting this checked by a doctor?

  • Hi, yes I'm going tomorrow as I think I can't keep my head buried any longer. Obviously, I think the worst, which is probably why I've done nothing up to now.

    Finding blood as well was the tipping point

  • Good for tomorrow then, getting it checked is the best thing to do. Don't think the worst or worry might make you feel worse.

    I hope you will be OK.

  • Thanks JimTom, will pass on what the diagnosis is when I find out

  • Ok Dave ☺

  • Hi Dave, don't know if this will give you any reassurance but I had blood after lots of trips to the toilet (I was prepping for a colonoscopy). I think you can just become a bit raw and sore and that can cause bleeding. I know you'll not relax until you know for sure but blood doesn't necessarily mean something bad (although I understand your anxiety, I was the same). Good luck, hope it all turns out ok.

  • Hi Dave I have had exactly the same happen to me. Having been diagnosed with IBS and after blood and stool tests it looks like I have Inflammatory bowel disease. It may be worth checking out. I'm just glad I know what it is at last. Good luck x

  • Thanks very much for the reassurance and comments everyone. Will let you know the outcome later.

  • Hi Dave

    Can you pinpoint when this started? Had you been away overseas? Any other ideas as to what triggered the onset?

    Good luck


  • Hi Angus,

    No overseas travel. Started early January 2017 and for the life of me I cannot think of a root cause that could trigger this

  • Have you had any extra stress in your life?

  • have had a little extra stress yes. Just been referred for another colonoscopy as an urgent case. So I will wait and see what the outcome of that is.

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