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Blood in poop

Hi everyone

My name is Mike

I don't mean for this to sound disgusting. I do apologize.

I went for a poop earlier and noticed a small amount of blood in it whilst doing my "check". It was a rather large poop and I had to force abit to get it out. I've had another smaller one about 5 mins ago and didn't notice any blood in ot then. I've a side pains and a sore back for a few weeks but I belive this to be the way I sleep. I've also got a bit of stomach ache now but think that could be down to my Aniexty which has now going into overdrive from my bloody poop. I'm 32 UK btw.



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Hi Mike,

If the blood was clear bright red and on the outside of the bm rather than in it, then it's most likely nothing to worry about and was probably caused either by haemorrhoids or an anal tear.

If it happens again though, you should have it checked out by your GP just to be sure.





Red that goes away is pretty normal. Black or tar like bad....

That is the difference usually between what is described above or internal bleeding.

And you will find that nothibg is to discussing ti talk about in a forum dedicated to gut issues.


If you can have a colonoscopy it would provide you with 'certainty' that all is well and that would be valid for at least 5 years. So why put up with "it's probably ok"? It probably is but the graveyard is full of folk who accepted that.

Ask your doctor to arrange for a consultant's appointment with a view to a colonoscopy or at the very least, a flexible sigmoid examination. Don't tell them there's no more blood now - you've had blood and you've got stomach pains. Get it checked out and then, even if the results are a worst case scenario - which they almost certainly won't be, it can be sorted nice and early. You know it makes sense!

I'm 20 years older than you but I've had two colonoscopies over the last 10 years and in each they found polyps that were completely benign and they were removed. However they also removed a couple that might have gone on to become very nasty indeed. Now they won't!

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As others have said, it sounds like piles or a tear rather than anything too sinister. I also get irregular bleeding, maybe once or twice every 6 months and although my GP diagnosed piles through a digital exam, I still find myself worrying especially as I suffer from IBS-D quite a bit too.

I think you probably don't have to worry too much right now but if it happens again I would advise that you get checked. As the PP said, a colonoscopy is the only way to tell for certain if anything is going on up there. I keep telling myself that I'll go back and request one if my symptoms persist but they tend to settle and I'll have weeks of relative calm before another flare up. Plus I had a colonoscopy about 7 years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. It's worth it though, for peace of mind. Good luck xx


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