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Help weight is always fluctuating!

I have so many clothes like too many because I have everything in 3 different sizes! I can have a flat tummy one day then look very pregnant the next. I eat really well gluten free vegan but my body is holding on to this water weight. I drink lots of detoxing teas and go to the gym everyday. I'm very active. I'm going crazy. I also have hormone issues which are under control I suppose. Anyone suffer the same issues??

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hey, bloat can be from food intolerances etc, what's water weight ? if you mean like you can't lose weight, have you tried digestive enzymes for a min of 3 months ? even if one eats healthy foods if they do not break food down it will just sit there.

lots of good fats helps hormones etc balance to.

alkaline diet is great for balancing all systems, since i healed and been symptom free my stomach, even when on looks like a ironing board

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Hi Pandora, I've just read your response with interest. Could you let me know what an Alkaline diet is?

Thanks very much



hey, sure its two lists one list is alkaline foods and other is acidic forming foods

so one should eat 80% from alkaline list with 20% from acid list

il find a link

i do want to add on what i did along the way

i always say to every one, no matter what diet is started, £50 intolerance test is 1st thing to get otherwise invaders could be going in, so one can not begin to heal.

so there are many lists on line, most vary to, but that's not a problem as its minor

80/20 is to restore health

100% alkaline is bad and no one should do it.

alkaline 80/20 diet is confusing to some as to what 80% is or 20%

each site explains it in a different way

i found that if i ate 3 meals a day and each meal was 80/20 then i was fine.

from day one the only foods i cut out completely, was foods i showed intolerant to on a test

(pork, fried foods should be monthly if that) other foods like gluten, wheat etc are in moderation (so not like daily) red meat is minimal.

processed foods are minimal to and should contain less than 5 ingredients, sugar is ok if per 100g on a product of which sugars is below 7g.

7g to 14g is ok here and there,

and over 14g is bad (most kids cereals is like 50g and over lool)

80% is of course mainly veg etc, so aiming for 5 portions of veg a day, with 2 fruit is great (some days i was eating 6 to 7 veg if i could)

then small portions of say brown rice or sweet potato etc.

bant has a good chart for eat the rainbow, so one knows what their body requires daily to supports all systems

i ate snacks when i liked, like nuts, oatcakes with cucumber, yoghurt, home made gf bread rolls/scones, coconut bread, etc, eggs, veg soups, stews, waffles (coconut flour or brown rice flour), veg, fruit

i was allowed say a bag of crisps or a choc bar etc, but that was in moderation, (as i was intolerant to both lool so i had to have some thing different to say what you may be able to have, so i chose say flapjack or brown rice pancakes

the idea is for one not to be hungry and eat lots of veg, other food like complex carbs, healthy fats so coconut oil, olive oil etc, butter from grass fed cows etc good protein like chicken, fish, turkey, and get the body back to good digestion and working like it should so then it can repair itself, with good food going in and working towards cellular health

ok so if you happen to look alkaline diet up lool, lots of so called experts will say it doesn't work or it can't work or that lemons are acidic lol, these are the sort of people that have never done it, do not know what it can do, and most of all would of been the same sort of person i had sat opposite to for a year, being told i am healthy and nothing was wrong with me or that there wasn't anything they could do for me apart from drugs

just to note, i was real sick, as in i lost 3 stone in a year, was wearing kids cloths mainly and apart from what they said was ibs so over 38 symptoms and then abs, so was getting drunk from food, i sat in front of specialists, docs and rd's and got the same offer of drugs etc,

i refused for a year

the rd annoyed me the most by writing to my doc to highlight the fact the diet has no way of working and shouldn't be followed, yet she offered nothing and fodmaps had made me worse ? so wasn't even treating me.

that is why she should get a new job, i was fine in days and gaining weight within a week and symptoms starting dropping of

(i did hit it hard at first like veg for brekkie with say eggs and veg etc at lunch/tea, as i needed to know that it was gunna work, i was sick and didn't have time to be messing around. sitting on a loo for 2 hours or rolling around in agony was the least of my worries, as by then i had to stop getting drunk from food, as my body wasn't coping at all.

i drank nothing but 2l filtered water daily and herbal teas

(herbal teas count towards daily intake so one would need to reduce water intake)

(rarely, i had a cup of tea)

fruit i always eat before a meal or as a snack, never after a meal, as it can sit and ferment on top of dinner

gluten and wheat is in moderation, i would say i had it 2 to 3 times a week after i healed from intolerances

no one should cut gluten out completely if not ceilac, as their body can forget how to break it down

if intolerant, adding it back asap is good, in tiny amounts

i had intolerance test done in front of me, and over 15 foods came up, so i cut them out for 3 months some way longer as i was highly intolerant to yeast, vinegar etc so cut them out for a year

digestive enzymes are good to take for at least 3 months, so one absorbs all the nutrients from the good food they are eating.

4 steps to heal leaky gut plan, is good for most to look at

also if one has say another illness or say they want to lose weight, they can add in supps to aid that to, so say one has anxiety they could look into amino acids etc, magnesium etc or if its weight loss, then d/enzymes, probiotics, or if its arthritis, anti inflammatory foods can be added. if sore bowels then a l ~ glutamine mix.

say if one is showing signs of overload of needing to detox so bad skin like acne and maybe even swelling of like big toe or finger (not to be confused with gout lol) or excessive sweating, no sweating etc, then up the veg, check you drinking 2l filtered water, and look in to a good quality antioxidant blend in capsules and a good probiotic and exercise

all year round

at least 30min walk a day every day.

other exercise should be to the point of energized not like knackered as to much can make the body more acidic

sounds mad but 6 or more hours a night sleep but in the dark, no lights on at all

massages are great as it helps with detox, dry body scrubs before baths are good to.

chewing food 25 times

eating to only 80% fullness, so it leaves room for digestion.

no hot baths after eating as the body is digesting still.

no cooking in a micro wave at all. (it destroys the enzymes/nutrients)

no unfiltered tap water.

also its always good for one to look at what they put on their skin

(a lot of creams, washes, self tans, are acidic, contain sugar etc)

same with drugs/meds, all are acidic to the body.

some say raw veg, some say lightly steamed, i lightly steamed all mine

i will say i didn't eat any organic veg, just veg grown in good soil

(i shop at sainsburys and tesco and my tests was good) also no more than appox 2l of water is good, as unless you know for sure what exact amount is needed, one risks drinking to much, so will wee out the nutrients from the good foods they have eaten.

so some say people can just drink say apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice, b/o/soda etc to balance ph, one can but it wont last long.

the body will only heal and balance ph long term, with foods full of nutrients

once healed, one can go down to 70/30, some even 60/40, by then if one wants a day here or there, where they want to eat junk all day, they will be able to without symptoms, but of course next day they would need to be aware of routine again

some say you can't heal your gut if you eat fruit sugar, but i only believes that matters if one has say candida etc, i ate fruit and still healed, i actually think it helped a lot with my nutrients intake and healing as i ate all berries, apples, pears, mango, pineapple etc

one should start anything slowly and build up slowly

a lot think its about getting rid of something so say bad bacteria or heart burn or even candida etc, its about balance, we all have a ph balance and good and bad bacteria, even candida, that normally live happily within us causing no symptoms, its when things get out of balance that symptoms will occur.

some say you can't balance ph, but i say i did, and my body greatly rewarded me for itx


Thank you so much for your very informative response. I will read it properly some time during this week to digest (pardon the pun) what you have said.

Once again, thank you, it is much appreciated



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