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IVC Syndrome

Well guys I've taken the bull by the horns today and sent a long detailed email to a systematic kenesiologist regarding my suspicion that's my ileocecal valve causing me my (too many to mention) aches, pains & misery. I honestly don't seem to ever have a day now without stomach, groin, shoulder, knee, foot, head or hand pain. Every conventional teat I've had has come back ok. She has replied to me saying that she corrects this valve in lots of people and that the gut is her speciality. She is phoning me in Sunday. Watch this space.........

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What is a kenesiologist?


Interesting - just read up on it. Let us know how it goes, I hope you find relief. I also get body pain, but thankfully only one every four to six weeks or so. I can't imagine it daily.

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Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Thanks guys. Thanks for pm Pandora, yes I read this, it's very interesting. The kinesiologist I'm going to see also does skeleton adjustments. I have raging lower back ache every morning for a couple of weeks. I feel like an old rusty bike at 49. I'll give anything a try. Xx


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