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Another early morning


Up again this morning 4am feeling absolutely wretched. I've learned tk control my anxieties surround being ill now so there's not so much shaking/vomiting anymore. Do feel incredibly sick/dizzy/weak though. There seems to be no pattern here. I avoid lactose and gluten (not high FODMAPs though as it didn't much work for me) and eat incredibly healthy. Only thing I can think is that this is a stress-related episode. No idea where its come from though as I can't work or anything, my IBS and anxiety/depression is that bad. Anybody else frequently up in the night? I have IBS-C too which isn't as common. I feel a lot better after I pass a movement but feel nauseous most of the time. 4am starts can feel so lonely when IBS is involved :(

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Try Mindfulness ?

I pretty much share everything that you go through aside from waking up to feel the way you do. I have noticed that lack of sleep can bring on nausea and also highten anxiety. One thing you can do is keep your feet elevated while trying to go back to sleep. A pillow under your feet or an extra set of covers will be good under your feet. The anxiety should subside as you're trying to relax. Remember, having a panic attack or anxiety will only be temporary so keep that in mind :) if that doesn't help, I find that having a few puffs of marijuana (indica) will relax you and leave you feeling mellow. It also helps with nausea. If you're feeling skeptical about it, I suggest looking it up and doing your own research on it. Look up things like, "benefits of marijuana for depression or anxiety. You'll be surprised how helpful it is. And the great thing about it is that it's natural! Unlike pills :( feel better

It wouldn't surprise me if the stress that's waking you up is linked to your anxiety and depression. If you can't work then you've got nothing to do during the day so perhaps your mind is subconsciously worrying about how you're going to get through the day. I think my problems with anxiety and depression started after I left university and the structure and long hours that it demanded. I suddenly found myself with time to myself and slowly became more anxious without realising it. Have you tried seeing a therapist or counsellor? It seems to me as thought mindfulness or CBT could help you.

This is just a general comment. does this network originate in the UK? If so, I am surprised I have not seen anyone using homeopathics especially for insomnia and anxiety There several homeopathic remedies that work very well for stress and anxiety, and going to a homeopathic md can really pinpoint the correct remedy for you and also work on building up your constitution.

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