Learning to drive with ibs and the anxiety that it crates

So, just sharing a positive experience 🙌: I have been postponing my learning lessons far too much because of my IBS and because driving scares me lots, so the anxiety and subsequently IBS attack was far too much to deal with...but I realised only last week that I was saying no to jobs and other opportunities because of this (and no because I didn't want them like i was forcing myself to believe) and so I just did it! I got very nervous and got tempted to cancel but I had my tablets and my partners support, I told myself that I'd be fine and that I could make a good excuse if I needed to go home quickly and so I went ... And I went well. I feel quite empowered now, so it's been a great reminder of how incredibly hard but also how good it is to push forward! 💪💪💪the highlight of my week 👌

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  • Even the best of us would probably have to say we have been nervous when learning to drive. Its a very big thing! Lots to learn and staying safe at the same time. Well done you for taking the bull by the horns.

    Took me many years of wanting to learn but never getting there. Just upped and did it, passed first time and the sense of freedom afterwards was amazing. So good luck, keep it up.

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Sekida, I admire your courage in what you've achieved. I don't drive, but recently undertook a course enabling me to take an exercise class for seniors.It's what I dreamed of being able to do....so I've done it!.... but my anxiety caused a very nervous tummy(may be IBS,I don't know yet)I realised only yesterday that my symptoms were coming from my head,so I began coping techniques and this morning I feel absolutely clear and great. So I fully understand any reluctance to "step outside your comfort zone", Please pat yourself on the back for taking control again.Well done!

  • Yes I think our mind can be our worst enemy sometimes, but also a very powerful tool to better our lives! Well done and keep strong, it's not easy but it pays off! 💞

  • And thank you so much for your kind words 💝

  • I have ibs D and i have it very bad but 3 days ago i started taking black seed oil and i already feel the difference. Im actually feeling so much betrer

  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Well done!

  • So glad to read this as i have being putting off learning as i struggle mist days with ibs and anxiety . Im scared of having to do emergancy toilet run or be on motorway where there is no where to go and i end up having an accident . Thank you for sharing ur positive news

  • Well it sucks that when people just worry about driving well and learning fast so it doesn't cost you 2 kidneys we worry about literally crapping ourselves. It's unfair. However, in my experience when you are driving you really are concentrating on what you're doing and forget about the rest (to me the fear hits always during the anticipation phase) so the toilet obsession disappears naturally as you start driving and time goes by. By the time the lesson is over you're just fine... and it restarts again, but weaker, moments before your next lesson; so to me, the more I do it the less I worry about the toilet and, as you progress, you'll start also driving on the motorway, so for once, it is timed quite well for us (less anxiety built-up for your 1st motorway drive)

    Having said that, I always have an excuse ready, a rehearsed sentence in case I need the loo. It's my security blanket and it gives me peace of mind.

    It's doable and think that when you can drive your own car you can have as many loo stops as needed without the awkward conversation about it. That's my drive at least 💪💪💪 please let me know if you go for it!

  • I am in a very similar situation. I have a fairly well paid job in management however my office isn’t that far away but getting to it by public transport is a nightmare, it requires 2 busses and a train. (I could get one direct bus for around 40 minutes but I can’t because busses don’t have toilets and trains do) anyway I have done my driving lessons when I was 17, and then another few when I was 21 so I could get “test read” but this is when my IBS started getting extremely sketchy like big time. Now my fear of going back in the driving seat gives me a sore stomach. It’s the test that gives me the fear, the not knowing what route I am taking, not knowing how long or who, not knowing if it’s an automatic fail if I shit myself(although that’s never happened)

    Because of the length of public transport I tend to taxi to work daily which costs about £15 per journey so that’s about £300 per month in Taxis alone. I’ve always reckoned with that I could get a decent car on finance but I just get bring myself to get back into these final lessons due to the fear of the test.

    I’ve actually said to my partner that I will pay for her lessons, pay for the car and any other expenses providing she drops me off at work daily lol.

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