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I have been prescribed colofac by my doctor to help with symptoms relating to ibs, ( nervous gut, urge to go when in crowded place like mass or wedding or at a one to one meeting, combination of c and d, excess wind/flatulence). Was told it is probably ibs and there's nothing can be done, just have to live with it and try manage it as best i can by trial and error. I'm only 35yrs. I have always seemed to have the wind/flatulence issue as far back as my childhood but the urge to go has started and increasingly got worse since I had my first child 6 years ago. Can anybody relate to similar and also has anybody tried colofac, did it help and we're there any side effects? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there

Sorry to hear about you recent miss fortunes, I've been on colfac for a few months now and I've had ibs a number of years, I've always been told that when ibs flares up nothing stops it you just have to manage the pain and symptoms, although this is virtually impossible, in regards to colfac I've had zero side effects but I'm currently in a flare up and it's not doing a lot to help so I'm questioning its integrity. Stress is a major part of it and the stress of children is a big one so the best advice I can give, eat healthy and stay relaxed as much as you can, plenty of water helps.


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Hi Rhys,

Well I can just sympathise with the unsettled feelings we get with our symptoms, although I have not got that actual diagnosis those are the symptoms I get daily, worse if there is something special to go to.. I have gallbladder and prolapse..I have no specific advice, but as I actually suffer seriously badly with embarrassing wind, if I take too much prescribed constipation medicine and needed to go out stupidly to be safe I have taken Immodium occasionally...then realising that then I feel terrible for three days, I found some old fashioned Kaolin tablets in Wilkinson, and on the few occasions when I have had loose bm I chew them, as shown on the packet and this keeps me comfortable without feeling horrible with the Immodium.

sO obviously I'm not advising anyone to do this but it reassures me a bit.. Also the day before I have to go somewhere special, I try to eat not too much the day before..

At least on here people do understand, I've only just joined and realise it's a big problem for so many, and so embarrassing..I know I am supposed to eat little and often but I find this difficult as I don't have a very big appetite I eat loads of veg, but am cutting our broccoli ,onions and leeks for now, to save some embarrassment. I also find that earring large apple or pear late afternoon helps me function..the difficulty I get is getting the balance right and like you the stress of all the embarrassment does make things difficult.

iVe tried winders and charcoal without success.

sOrry I can't really be of much help but other people's replies will be of interest .



Hi Rachel-Ann,

What tests have you had to rule out other possible causes of your symptoms? You shouldn't be given an IBS diagnosis until at least some of these have been done.

IBS is not an illness in itself; it's a group of symptoms that can't be attributed to anything else and you can have just a few - or all of them if you're really unlucky!

Colofac (mebeverine) is a standard treatment for IBS and can be bought OTC. It seems to help some people, but definitely not all.



Hi Rosie218

Thanks for your reply. I'm new to this site so all information and others experiences are greatly appreciated.

I had bloods tested early last year for colitis, coeliac, and inflammation all came back normal. My brother suffers with chrones and I was afraid I was heading that way too. I suffer with alot of lower back and tail bone pain also. Was referred to physio which didn't help much.

I dont suffer the abdominal pain only occasionally but my main problem is flatulence and urge to go quickly. When I have to go to an occasion etc I'm constantly thinking about it and get very worked up. I do feel very panicked and heart starts to race while at occasion. I had to get up and walk out of my uncles wedding last October to go to the bathroom and I was also bridesmaid for my sister last August. I didn't eat much the couple of days prior and had no breakfast just Cupa morning of wedding. My head was splitting by time we reached reception was so hungry but I think it helped . Can't be at that for every occasion.

I'm just soo fed up of this.


Yes quite, point taken!

There are lots of different ways that people use to tackle this rotten problem. What works for one doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for others even though the symptoms may be the same. You just have to gradually work your way through all the suggestions until, hopefully, you find an answer.

Some people with IBS-D take Imodium before going out anywhere and always go prepared for the worst to happen.

You could give the low-FODMAP diet a go as this works for many people, it's purpose is to try to nail down any specific food triggers you may have. You spend the first 6 weeks cutting out all fermentable carbs (tough) then, if you find things improve, you reintroduce them one group at a time. It helped me a lot at the start of my probs. Go to:


this is where the diet was developed and all the info you need is there plus a brilliant app. You can also get an NHS referral to a dietitian who will help you with this.

Since at least part of my symptoms were down to anxiety (the worse they were, the more anxious I became), taking Phenergan (promethazine hydrochloride) at night stopped the 3 - 4 morning rushes to the bathroom.

Another forum member recently suggested gripe water (bigger dose than for babies) for wind pain and gas and I've found it really works well.

It's a good idea to get a colonoscopy done as well, most people on here have had at least one done.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Rachael Ann, I used to use Mebeverine on prescription (colofac over the counter) a few years ago but didnt find much relief from my urgency to go to the loo. But through trial and error, following a gluten / lactose free diet, peppermint tea three times a day, and cut out all junk food and chocolate (I know its hard lol) I find taking mebeverine 20 mins before a meal keeps me more regular and not so urgent.

Can I also recommend amitriptinine , which in small doses (10- 25mg) taken before you go to bed helps me no end ,as I was having to get up in the night with diarrhea, and wasnt sleeping, so this helps with both. It is on prescription so see your doctor asap, and stick with it for a couple of weeks, as it takes a while to kick in.

Most of all I suppose though is to try and relax and not let things worry you. It is hard, and I'm by no means cured but the bad times arent qiute as bad and less frequent now.

All the best, Paul.


Your symptoms are the same as mine diagnosed in my late 20s. Im early 50s now. The bad news is it doesnt go away. I took colofac for about a year at the start. It helped with pain but thats all. Fluid retention was unbearable so i stopped. I take immodium if i have to go on a long journey. I used to do a sales job and had a list of every toilet and opening times everywhere!. I had to leave another job as it was too inflexible for me to cope. I just hope u get a cure as its miserable trying to cope. I react worst to chocolate, spices and peppers. And stress is by far the worst trigger. I believe mine began due to PTSD .



I was presctibed colofac but not sure if it helped.

I have same symptoms as you since I was 40 am now 70.

Worst is the urge every time you go out.

Cbt might be of help to you

You are so young and have whole life ahead of you.

I had cbt mostly for the anxiety re urge and it did help at the time.

I take immodium for peace of mind and means I can have a bit of a life.

Hope you get some help.


Hi Calista. Thanks for your reply. What is cut and how does it work?




Foods that trigger my ibs are onions , mushrooms ,prawns, gassy drinks,green veg.

cold pasta,peanuts,sultanas and too much sugar/chocolate.

Hope this helps.

Have you tried amytrpline can help shut off brain signals to the gut when anxious.



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Hi there. Thanks for your reply. How often do you take colofac and how much and when?


hi i take 20 minutes before meals .one tablet. if i forget to take i take it after meals.

i sometimes take these in the night if i have bad spasms but with 4 hour intervals.

i notice when i dont take them ie if im out for dinner and forget to take one before i leave or forget to take with them with me. iv recently found that cutting bread out all together has made my ibs much better.i had the gluten test years ago (negative) but i think it may be wheat not so much the gluten. iv found gluten free pasta much better to digest and never eat cold pasta.

hope this helps you.

PS I cut my tea down to 2 cups per day with caffeine and 2 without and better for that too.



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CBT is cognitive behaviour therapy.

Given by a therapist ...helps woth the anxiety and gives tools on coping with the problem.

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Before I started on Colofac, my pain was agonising. Now, I can't recall my last IBS pain related flare. It hasn't helped any other IBS symptoms, but as it was the pain that bothered me more, I'm more than happy.


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