Hi everyone.ive just joined this forum and i have been having ibs for months.i have quiet alot of pain killers for the excruciating pain and none of them help.ive colofac long release just prescibed me but it doesnt help my pain much i still have to take tramadol and really really want to come off i was wondering if anyone knows how long can colofac take to it days or straight away.i do hope someone can help me please cos all this is ruining my life and making ne very unhappy.ive beinging sent for a cat scan.i also have fibremalagia and chronic arthiritis.i have nothing to ease these.i hope somome out there can understand what im going thru.its been about six months its been about 6 months since the ibs started.will it ever ease off.its ruining my life and i cant take much more of this.thank you.

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  • Really sorry to hear you're feeling so ill.

    I don't understand why you've been given Tramadol since it, like all opiates, can make bowel problems much worse.

    Can I ask what tests you've had done to say that it really is IBS causing your problems?


  • Hi rosie.thankyou foe replying to me.ihave tramadol because co codomol and hydro codiene and they make me more constipated because thats what i have with the ibs.i try and eat properly but im afraid i havent much of an appetite at all.ive seen a gastro consutlant and he is sending me for a ct scan.thank you rosie.

  • Glad you've got a scan organised at any rate.

    You say you've been trying to eat 'properly', but a 'proper' diet for one IBS-er isn't for another.

    Have you looked at the low FODMAP diet? This excludes all the usual suspect food groups in one go and then you add them back in a group at a time to help pinpoint any triggers? This is a big success for a lot of people on here including me. NHS dietitians are trained to advise on it and a good book is 'IBS - Free At Last' by Patsy Catsos.

    Do you think your pain is caused by gas, do you suffer from bloating?

    Sorry for all the questions but there are so many parameters with IBS.

  • I dont mind the questions rosie.i saw i nhs dietician last wed and she never mentioned the fod diet.i have never heard of it to be honest.i will have to look for the book and ring the dietician about this fod diet.thanks again rosie.

  • You can download an app for FODMAPs (costs about £6) from Monash Uni where the diet was developed at:

    Miss out all the foods that have a red or yellow symbol next to them, just stick to those with a green one.

    If you don't want to do that, I suggest that you try cutting out the most common food culprits, i.e. wheat, barley, rye, lactose, onions, leeks and garlic and see how you get on. Watch out for these items in any processed foods - read the labels carefully as they creep in everywhere.

  • Thank you rosie.i will try and download that fod have been really nice and i appreciate that because i feel so alone n scared.xx

  • Like Gemini says, keep in touch with us - do private messaging if you prefer. You're not on your own with this however much it may feel like it at times.


  • That would be lovely.thank you so much.keep in touch with me too and gemini.i would love that.xx

  • Hi torchy,I can really relate to how you feel,you really need a colonoscopy to determine IBS,as this rules out any other nasties. I've suffered chronic IBS now for about 10-12yrs,so I understand your despair. But IBS can be due to a number of things,but firstly you have to get it properly diagnosed. Rosie's right don't take Tramadol unless absolutely nessasary ,and co codamol will constipate you. Stick with paracetamol I no there not a lot of good but they are less harmful,until you get properly sorted.

    It's ruined my life as well but you have to keep pushing the medical paternity to get something sorted,or you will just ruin the rest of your life.

    Good luck and take care,also keep talking to us.x

  • Thank you also gemini71 for getting back to me too.i get too anxious for my own good and know that has an effect with scared to and i know im being one understands what its like unless they have it aswell.thank you.xx

  • No no no,your not being silly,we're all the same when we feel unwell,I get scared,and anxious ,and yes that does make it worse,but don't feel alone or silly because your not.

    I've been hostpitalized twice for a totally different health problem,and I've been put on a Respirator and given the night to live. I'm not singing my own praises but my son thinks I'm really tough,but he has no idea what's going on in my head. And a silly little illness like (IBS) has ruined my life. So never think your silly your not I know what your going through,so do thousands of people on this forum. So chin up and fight it.

    Just remember it can't kill you,it just makes life miserable .

  • Ahh thank you gemini that was lovely what you so sorry you had other health problems.i hope your over them now.i must admit,i have a phobia bout hospitals and injections.i had a very severe accident with my arm n nearly lost it.but brilliant drs saved it.i had some very bad experiences from it and they have never gone.your right,ibs isnt a killer but does make your life miserable n rule it.xx

  • I agree with the others. Get the FODMAP diet from Monash it changes so many lives including my own. Taking medication can just make it worse and if they are strong enough to relieve the pain they cause even more side effects If used for long periods and also the effect of them reduces over time. Good luck.

  • Thank you going to get that fodmap definitely.the thing is ,i need something for the pain because the pain is awful.esp in the morning and in the afternoon when ive eaten lunch.all the codeine type tablets make me more constipated than i already am.thank you for replying to me.x

  • Yes you have to take pain killers now but hopefully after you have done the FODMAPS eliminations to find what actually affects you it will not be necessary for you as you won't be in pain

  • Hi sashapet.i so do hope your would be so i just down load it like the other lady seeing my daughter later so im going ask her to do it for me.thank you so much.x

  • please try magnesium citrate tablets for your constipation,they are the only thing that helped with mine.Just need to find something to help all the other symptoms,IBS it a awful illness and its ruled my life for almost 20yrs.x

  • Hi cassie 17.thank you for replying to me.i will ask my dr tomorrow about those magnesium tablets and see what he sorry that youve had it for so long.yes it is life ruining.most mornings i dont want the day to start because i know its all happening the same every day.take care xx

  • For constipation this bread recipe has made an enormous difference.

    It is very easy to make. Just get a silicon loaf pan, so you can remove it easily after 20 minutes of baking, then return to baking. It says to put the loaf right on the oven rack, but I use a sheet pan - and it comes out perfect anyway. I have been making this bread weekly now for about a month. It truly is "life changing" for anyone with constipation. It has a lot of seeds, so not for those with diverticulitis.

    I also use hemp seeds, and poppy seeds, and sometimes add an extra teaspoon of maple syrup. Once this bread is done, it cuts easier if kept refrigerated. It is best well toasted and spread with a good "grass fed" type butter like Kerrygold.

    For those who have never made anything like this -- it is very easy. You just dump all the ingredients in a bowl or right in the loaf pan and mix. Can't get much easier. And it will truly get things moving.

  • I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have had IBS for over two years, i have had numerous tests, medications that don't work, nasty doctors. I just found out after all this time . have adhesions on,both sides of my colon. I really feel for you.

    Fennel and Peppermint teas help me.

    A good website is "Help for IBS". It is run by Heather Van Doross who,has had IBS for over 20 years., it is a great site, She always has the latest articles on IBS, and her own product line.

    Take care and know you are not alone.

  • Hi

    Sounds like you are having a bad time with your ibs,I know what you mean with the pain killers,I have tramadol too but I only use it as a last resort if you have ibs c it's not the best thing if you have constipation but I think you get to a point that you will take anything.

    I know a lot of people find that the fodmap diet works for them,but not for me,also probiotics a good brand again this didn't help me be it might work for you,also yoga really helps for the cramps (lots for ibs on you tube)

    Hope this is some help

  • Thank you treez for what you have said.i dont know what to do anymore cos what ever i eat it doesnt make any difference.i havent got a very big appetite doesnt bother me really.i do eat of course and try my best to eat correctly.i hope you feel better soon.i think some of my trouble is that i get anxious and worry too much but i know that doesnt help my tummy at all but i cant help it.its from experiences of the past mostly thats made me like i am.xx

  • Hi

    Try eating little and often I know at one point I was getting stressed about what I ate in case it triggered another episode, I also did a food diary to keep an eye on what I was eating to be honest I just avoid bread (which I love),peppers, onions as I never found out what sets it off .

    You could try some relaxation or just the deep breathing might help,I don't know what your situation is but these days it's hard not to get stressed.

    Hope your feeling better soon


  • Thank you Treez.yes im not feeling good at stomach ache wont budge even with the tramadol.its upset me abit that i think the drs think its mostly in my head.i do watch what i eat but even when ive bin put on a liquid only diet for 2 to 3 days,its made no difference to my symptoms.thak you for your reply x

  • Hi

    Really sorry you are still in pain,it's really frustrating I wish I could offer some help, but having tried everything myself I am still no further forward ,going through a bad spell myself with no idea what caused it and nothing seems to be working.I Think because there is no actual test that says that it's ibs some doctors aren't very helpful,hopefully you have a good doctor that is willing to help.hoping you are feeling better soon.


  • Hi you,i have had stomach ache for 3 days n nothing has helped i know what u dr was good but because ive had several different tablets etc i just get the feeling even with the dr i saw yesterday think its in my head.i dont like that at all.i hope u soon feel better.

  • Hi torchy

    It's not in your head,you will get some relief it just might take some time.

    Take care Treez

  • Thanks treez.i hope you get some relief soon.

  • Hi Torchy:

    Another good website is "Help for IBS". It is run by Heather Van Doross. She has had IBS for over 20 years. The website is excellent; she has a newsletter; in which she gives the latest information on IBS. I drink Fennel tea everything morning. My best to you. Take Care!

  • Hi jenny.i found that website thank you.

  • Thank you for that jenny it was lovely of you.i will take a look at that web site it sounds interesting.i could try fennel tea.ive never had that before.i hope your keeping as good as you can be.kind wishes to you.x

  • Hi Torchy:

    I am glad you got on her website. Also, get put on her newsletter mailing list. She has the latest information on IBS. The best to you. x

  • Thanks jenny.i put my email in for the news letter.i hope i did it hope you have a good as you can wishes.x

  • Hi Torchy and everyone else who is reading this blog............ You all sound exactly like me which is a comfort! I am new to this having become so stressed by a potential medical condition which turned out to be nothing. Having been Googling at all hours of the day and night for about two months I realised that something was going to give - and it turned out that I have ended up with ibs. I cannot believe that the brain gut axis is soooo powerful, but it is!

    At 68 you would think I would have learned...........! I have been amazed that the medical profession have been of little or no help at all, and sometimes you really just need someone to talk to. Self help appears to only way and it is certainly depressing.

    I joined the IBS Network straight away, went on the Low FODMAP Diet and bought a number of really helpful publications. A word of warning though if your ibs is stress related - mastering the diet can become as stressful as the condition. I am trying it on my own, as I have no idea of how to get in touch with a registered dietician, especially one who is familiar with FODMAP. Some days it is better, some days worse, and some days, like yesterday positively dreadful with constant pain.

    The worse part is feeling totally alone...............

    Good luck everyone, I feel better now that I have off loaded.


  • Hi nobiker dont ever feel alone i was feeling like that before i found this forum.yes my so called ibs ( im waiting for some results from cat scan n another couple of tests ) sounds very much like mine.stress related thru other things i have wrong and worrying too much.i cant help either of ibs has no pattern some days terrible for days then other times not quite so bad.i never know from day to day how its going to be.drs arent that helpful with this awful illness.your basically left to work things out for yourself.the fodmap diet wouldnt help me my dr has said.i do hope you get sorted but you still need to see a dr even tho we know what their may need some tests done also.we are all very friendly on here im pleased that you found us.keep in touch and let me know how your wishes.

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