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Hi, Im new to this support group. It is the first one ive tried. I've had ibs for 12 years. Tried everything. Fodmap diet, leaky gut diet, specific carbohydrate diet, free from just about everything diet. My main problem is constipation and I get all the other usual symptoms. I burp a lot and am wondering what this means and if anybody knows of any supplements for this. Im very sensitive to fibre so try to keep this low. I have a very restricted diet at the moment - rice, potatoes, meat, fish and tinned tomatoes and salt and rice vinegar to taste. This usually gets me symptom free. Im taking digestive enzymes, a 20 million probiotic and an all round vitamin tablet. Im wondering what else to take to rebuild my digestive system and any other advice would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I have lately been taking constipation medication, much earlier in the evening say 8.15 instead if bedtime, this had help to have an after breakfast bm routine..usually.. Then still during the day, but that takes some of the stress away when I need to go out shopping..these problems seem very difficult to really sort out tho..

Best wishes



Thanks hather. I take senokot maximum sometimes but I don't like to rely on laxatives. I'm thinking of trying the magnesium, I read on here that magnesium citrate is good for constipation. I'll try anything.


Your symptoms sound like mine Lainy, constipation but sensitive to fibre - its quite a problem. I heard that one sort of fibre (bulk forming), is less likely to cause problems as it does not get fermented by the gut, so I buy Linseed (milled not the seeds), and put it on cereal. Also use Magnesium (milk of magnesia or any magnesium. Also sometimes stool softener. These all help to a certain extent. I also have the burping and gas problem - I sometimes try rennies or other indigestion remedies. Still have problems, but they are worth a try. I am not as careful as you are with my diet.


Thanks casares. I will give them both a go.


I know, I drive myself mental with my diet. My aim is to rule out all if the invading foods, have a period of calmness and hopefully healing on my digestive system and slowly re-introduce foods one by one. I keep a food diary as well.

It's not easy but I am determined to overcome this awful condition.


Hi I contacted health unlocked several months ago to tell them of a persistent burping problem with no replies to the issue until now At the moment I am fine with no burping and I think this was due to the aftermath of being sick and retching an unpleasant episode but it seems to have done the trick

I have never has other symptoms of I B S so consider myself lucky that the condition was/ not more serious


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