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My Story

Hello followers :)

I am a 18 year old girl now but when I first starting having symptoms if IBS-C was when I was only in grade 10. It began all of a sudden and I had no idea what it was. One day I just couldn't go to the washroom but used to be able to go completely normally. I was beside myself frustrated and it began to really affect every area of my life after that. I didn't want to be in sports or even have sleepover with friends anymore. I started to find ways that helped such as drinking more water or having flaxseed. However, it wasn't until grade 11 that I began to think maybe it was allergies. I always ate healthy so didn't understand why I was still sick with bloating and constipation. I would be constipated all day then in the mornings finally be able to go to the washroom but it was NEVER normally shaped but always runny ( sorry for description). I also in grade 12 had my first experience with bladder infections which scared me a lot as nothing was functioning correctly. I was scared of my body and totally confused. Anyway, this was my life for a long time and it was very frustrating as you can only imagine. Time when on and I began taking out dairy. This helped me a lot yet not completely. I went gluten and dairy free, I went vegan, I tried raw diets, and nothing was working! I didn't understand how eating so much healthy food could be making me sick. One day day I discovered the lowfodmap diet and everything made sense to me. All my symptoms where what they discribed so I began avoiding all high fodmap foods. It made a huge difference for my bloating after a while and I did feel better. I even got into a small time when I had my first normally formed bowel movements then I had in months! The diet really worked! And I still believe heavily and try my best to follow the diet yet I know the struggle if is to follow. What helps me now is to take probiotics in the mornings, eat lowfodmap and also have been take dietination earth which is a foodgrade powder which cleans your system. My journey with IBS still continous and is a struggle, but I feel that for the first time in 4 years I have found a way to cope. Blessings to you all and God bless.

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